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Self-Directed Study of The Urantia Book

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 supportive way to start learning

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 self-directed study guides on the 

 on the individual papers of The

 Urantia Book. These courses are

 designed for busy people anywhere

 in the world who want to start

 learning right now!

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The Urantia Book Online Classes

 UUI offers an innovative series of

 online classes that introduce newer

 readers to some of the most

 important concepts, truths and

 themes found in The Urantia Book

 and more in-depth studies of

 selected topics in the book for

 experienced students.

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UUI Cafe

An online place to meet


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 visit the UUI Cafe - a special online

 place to meet other Urantia Book

 students with a passion for God and

 strong interest in spiritual growth,

 and a love for people and uplifting 

 conversation. Open daily Monday

 to Friday and some Saturdays. 


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The Urantia Book

New Reader Course

  Spiritual truth-seekers and new

  readers of The Urantia Book are

  invited to attend this free course that

  has been specially designed to

  introduce the main themes and

  concepts of the book in a simple way

  in a friendly online learning


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A Spiritual Family Gathering



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  attend Homecoming - gathering

  of spiritual seekers in a new kind of

  hour-long hybrid event on Zoom —

  combining an initial conversation on

  the day's theme, followed by quiet

  communion in worship and small-

  group breakouts.


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UUI Vision
21st Century & Beyond

 UrantiaUniversity is a global center

 of study and service dedicated to

 training teachers and farseeing

 leaders and fostering a spiritual

 community with cosmic ideals

 based on truths in The Urantia


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The Urantia Book

 Learn more about the basic

 concepts and themes of The

 Urantia Book and its remarkable

 epochal revelation about the

 cosmos and humanity's

 transcendent origin, purpose and


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UUI Thought Leaders Forum

 The Thought Leaders Forum is a

 series of online presentations

 having a spiritual context for

 examining and discussing ideas

 of progressive, evolutionary 

 meaning and value in science,

 philosophy, and religion that are

 inspired by The Urantia Book. 

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 of UUI Thought Leaders Forums. 

The Value of


  Education is the  business of

  living; it must continue throughout a

  lifetime so that mankind may

  gradually experience the ascending

  levels of mortal wisdom, which are:

  1.  The knowledge of things.
  2.  The realization of meanings.
  3.  The appreciation of values.
  4.  The nobility of work – duty.
  5.  The motivation of goals –

  6.  The love of service – character.
  7.  Cosmic insight – spiritual



  And then, by means of these

  achievements, many will ascend to

  the mortal ultimate of mind

  attainment, God-consciousness. 

   - From The Urantia Book 71:7.5-13

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