The Urantia Book

A timely revelation needed for human growth and planetary progress

Humanity is opening up to a new understanding of our place in the cosmos, from the mysterious realms of quantum reality, to the intricate, chemical patterns of genetic codes that make up all living things, to the unimaginably distant reaches of the master universe revealed by the latest generation of telescopes. 


Earth passing through DNA strand

Our world is indeed quivering on the brink of a sea change in seeing and understanding patterns of divine reality in the tiniest particles of material reality and the incredibly vast strings of galaxies forming in the outer space levels.

This process requires more than a scientific, material understanding of universe reality because human beings are more than mere material beings. This sea change requires a psychological, intellectual and spiritual shift and a growth in understanding that helps humans to begin to relate to the whole cosmos, not just the planet Earth on which they live.

The Dawn of the Space Age

Is it any wonder that the Fifth Epochal Revelation was presented to our world in 1955, at the dawn of the space age? Just two years later, the Russians launched Sputnik I, the first satellite to be placed in Earth orbit. This event triggered the Space Race with the United States, which in turn generated the rapid and far-reaching advances in technology and science of the current Space Age.

Sputnik 1 launched October 4, 1957

Global Political Changes

Since the 1950s our world has been undergoing huge upheavals on every level of human organization, activity and influence. On the political and economic fronts, consider the far-reaching implications of the collapse of communism; the social-economic-political rise of Brazil, India, China and other former third world nations; the surging struggle for basic freedoms and independence  evidenced by the “Arab Spring”; and the creation of the Eurozone, among many other international advances.

New Frontiers in Space and Natural Science

In the realms of space and science, consider the discoveries of the cosmos made possible by the Hubble telescope and the Extremely Large Telescopes. In our local neighborhood, the continuing exploration of our solar system by space probes has resulted in many amazing findings such as the possibility of water on Mars. 

Marvelous advances have also been made in many fields of natural science.  Every day research scientists are adding to the vast repository of knowledge about how living things are designed at the bio-chemical-electrical level of existence. Genetic sequencing, analysis and testing facilitate a greater understanding of the dynamics of disease and factors of biological inheritance.


Complexity_computer codes

Social Sciences and the World Wide Web

In the realm of the social sciences, a procession of discoveries made by anthropologists and archaeologists increasingly fills in the missing pieces of the evolutionary and historical record of all living things.  These discoveries quite significantly push back the date of the beginnings of human civilization to align more closely with the accounts of Dalamatia and the Garden of Eden told in The Urantia Book. 

A stupendous and rapid process of globalization is currently changing the life of our world. Consider the creation of the world-wide Internet. In 1995, less than 1% of the world population had an internet connection.  In 2019, the number of internet users worldwide was 4.13 billion, up from 3.92 billion in the previous year.*

* Published by J. Clement, Jan 7, 2020

The Far-Reaching Impact of the Fifth Epochal Revelation

The fifth epochal revelation was undoubtedly presented to our world at this time to give humankind an enlarged understanding of our divine origins, cosmic purpose and grand destiny. This revelation spans the realms of science, philosophy and religion. 

It necessitates the construction of a larger picture of reality in the minds of humanity, one that is informed not only by reason but also by revelation and direct spiritual experience. 
Developing a cosmic context for understanding our existence allows our viewpoint to expand in time and space and all directions.

What happens when we do that? We almost certainly achieve a richer, broader, and deeper understanding of the distant past, the immense present, and the infinite and eternal future. The more we see of true reality and the more we expand our cosmic consciousness and spiritual perception, the more meaningful and valuable our life becomes as does the life of all other beings.

Master Universe Illustration by Gary Tonge

The Grand Universe by Gary Tonge

The journey home

UrantiaUniversity Institute's mission is focused on illuminating, bridging, and expanding the connections between the content of The Urantia Book and the many related university disciplines of science, cosmology, philosophy, religion, education, business, the arts, and history and the social sciences.

Most important of all, UUI's philosophy is to develop and foster the reality of personal religion, freed of dogma, and to cultivate the fruits of the spirit in all area's of one's life to the end that universal spiritual brotherhood is attained by the people of our world.

A Bridge to Cosmic Understanding of Our Existence and Divine Destiny

The Fifth Epochal Revelation serves as a bridge to help humankind cross over from an old and impoverished Earth-focused world view to a boundless cosmic view of infinite meanings, values, and divine service, which it is our thrilling purpose to discover, realize and actualize.

This emerging cosmic context sets the stage for UrantiaUniversity, which was initiated to aid people around the world in exploring, discerning, and actualizing the truths in The Urantia Book through education, training, and transformational experience.

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