UUI Online Open House Webinar

Video Recording

November 7, 2015 ~ 12:00 Noon - 3:00 PM MST

The recording of the live broadcast has been chunked into four parts for easier viewing. Click below on each video to view it:

Part 1 Video Contents:  (Length: 34:24 min)

  • Introduction to the webinar by hosts Claire Thurston & John Callahan
  • "About UUI" by Elisabeth Callahan
  • "UUI Vision Talk" by Robert Burns
  • Prayer and worship by Benet Rutenberg
  • Highlights of interviews with some of the UUI Instructors

Part 2 Video Contents:  (Length: 38:37 min)

  • David Glass's video essay on "This I Believe; This I Live"
  • Live Chat session with Merritt Horn and Andre Radatus
  • Prayer and worship by a UUI Student
  • "State of the Planet" talk by Claire Thurston
  • Premiere of "Urantia, Our Home" anthem by Mary Anne Brundage
  • Student Capstone Project video #1

Part 3 Video Contents:  (Length: 43:44 min)

  • Highlights of interviews with some UUI Students
  • Student Recognition
  • Performance of "Fruits" by K. Brendi Poppel
  • Student Capstone Project video #2 (James Leese)
  • Live Chat session with Merritt Horn and Andre Radatus

Part 4 Video Contents:  (Length: 36:24 min)
  • Prayer and worship by Arlene Weimer
  • Highlights of interview with Derek Samaras
  • Live Chat session with Merritt Horn and Andre Radatus
  • Highlights of interviews with UUI Trustees
  • Wrap up 

The online Open House Webinar is hosted by UUI’s learning community and serves to give viewers a look at UUI's online school and an introduction to UUI's philosophy, mission, instructors, students and Trustees.

You will also learn about UUI's vision of a university of world culture and learning based on the high cosmic ideas and ideals of The Urantia Book.

In addition to a variety program of videos and generous sprinkling of humor, music and worship, viewers have a chance to ask questions and chat with the faculty and Trustees about UUI’s unique online classes and plans for future growth.

The UUI online Open House is designed for:

  • UUI students and instructors and their friends and family
  • The Urantia Book reader community
  • All who are curious about UUI and seek a deeper education of the mind and spirit

The Open House is a free public online event in a webinar format held in front of a small studio audience in Denver, Colorado and streamed live over the Internet to Urantia Book readers around the world.

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