Meeting the Call for Personal,
Social & Planetary Transformation

Part of a long-range plan to develop a university grounded in cosmic wisdom, ideals and aspiration, Urantia University Institute (UUI) was set up to provide diverse learning paths for students in an online educational environment in which to explore, discern, and actualize the truths and knowledge found in The Urantia Book.

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Parallel to a track of academic programs, UUI plans to support the development of workshops and classes that effectively apply the insights of The Urantia Book to dealing with issues in relationships and everyday living in ways that foster soul growth and promote spiritual community. 

An Unfolding Vision 

Fundamental to UrantiaUniversity Institute's long-range vision is the multi-stage development of a unique university that will encompass and foster academic study infused with cosmic ideals and dynamic training programs to prepare teachers, leaders and ministers for the 21st century and beyond.

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Interdisciplinary Research and Study

UrantiaUniversity Institute is committed to developing academic programs of interdisciplinary research and study in many areas of human knowledge and inquiry including science, cosmology, religion and philosophy as well as business, the social sciences, and the humanities, and the application of critical thinking to them.

Teacher, Leadership and 
Ministry Training

Equal in importance to interdisciplinary research and study are the future development of teacher and leadership training programs that form the core of a dynamic community of philosophers, educators, ministers, business leaders, scientists, social transformers, and learners imbued with cosmic ideals who are capable of effectively meeting the educational, social, spiritual and planetary challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

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Personal Religious Growth and 
Spiritual Brotherhood

Of supreme importance to the core mission of UrantiaUniversity Institute and planetary evolution is personal religious growth and its resultant expression in loving service to others, based on the essential truth and living knowledge of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. UUI will look to its growing community for their active participation in developing spiritually open and friendly programs that nurture personal religious growth, divine worship, and loving service to one's fellows.


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