A Brief History of UrantiaUniversity

The Original Concept

The original concept for UrantiaUniversity was introduced by David Nash to the Urantia community in 2009. David envisioned an online school that would offer a step-by-step, comprehensive personal study program of each paper in The Urantia Book with opportunities for person-to-person contact and collective study.  The school would recruit experienced readers from the Urantia community to teach and mentor students in their personal studies. After students successfully completed certain programs of study, the school would confer degrees or diplomas of completion upon students.


In the fall of 2009 a Board of Trustees formed to initiate the process of incorporating UrantiaUniversity and to develop and solidify the legal, educational and technological foundation of the organization. The first step was completed after UrantiaUniversity, Inc. was officially incorporated as a nonprofit organization on December 21, 2009 in the State of Colorado. The next significant milestone was achieved in February 2011 when UrantiaUniversity obtained approval from the IRS of its status as a non-profit organization exempt from Federal income tax under section 503(c)(3).

Evolving View of UrantiaUniversity's Mission

The vision of UrantiaUniversity, Inc. has since evolved to not only help serious students to explore, discern, and actualize the cosmic truth and knowledge in The Urantia Book, but also to encourage research and study in the many related disciplines of science, cosmology, religion, philosophy, and the social sciences for the purpose of illuminating, augmenting and expounding the connections between the content of The Urantia Book and these fields of human knowledge. Beyond these, UrantiaUniversity’s mission is built on developing advanced philosophers, teachers and leaders with cosmic ideals who are capable of effectively meeting the challenges of the 21st century and beyond. 

Parallel to its track of academic programs, UrantiaUniversity intends to develop a wide-ranging curriculum of workshops and classes that focus on the application of the principles, truths and values found in The Urantia Book to effectively dealing with the issues and problems of everyday living and relationships.


Gratitude for David Nash's Contributions

The Board of Trustees of UrantiaUniversity, Inc. honors David Nash for his vision and is deeply grateful for his contributions to the genesis of UrantiaUniversity. By his actions, he set a cosmic concept in motion that will nurture and enhance the effects of the fifth epochal revelation by providing “the educational environment for people to deepen their relationship with the Father and their fellows, to more fully comprehend God’s reality, to participate in the actualization of the potentials of this fifth epoch, and to consciously accept the responsibilities of cosmic citizenship”.

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Note:  Although the original vision for UrantiaUniversity refers to the conferral of advanced degrees, UrantiaUniversity, Inc. is not presently authorized to grant degrees under the laws of the State of Colorado in which UrantiaUniversity is incorporated, nor under the tax-exempt status granted by the IRS.

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