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Apply what you've learned from The Urantia Book for the benefit of others

Have you or your study group ever undertaken an in-depth study of a special topic in the Urantia Book, perhaps the Seraphim, or the Supreme, or some aspect of Jesus’ life and mission?  

Have you ever thought about sharing your insights and knowledge of The Urantia Book and related fields of knowledge with other study groups and readers, but did not know of a way to do that?

UrantiaUniversity Institute offers you an avenue for sharing and teaching what you have learned. We have developed a simple concept and format for creating a short course of study in an e-learning environment in our online classrooms.

Most importantly, this project supports the vital practice of learning and doing – putting what you have learned into action for the benefit of others and the growth of oneself.

Tell us about your interests, and we will discuss the requirements with you for developing a successful online class at UUI. We will work with you to develop your class or workshop and create an effective and engaging educational experience.

Contact:  Info@UrantiaUniversity.org

Thanks for helping us to put the teachings and principles of cosmic citizenship into practice!

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