Introduction to The Urantia Book Course:  Class #1006

Overview of Part IV of The Urantia Book

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About the Class 

This class provides an intimate look at the divine origin and human existence of Jesus as revealed in Part IV of The Urantia Book and affords a fascinating and useful analysis of Jesus in his role as a surrogate father to his siblings. 

Weekly Study Plan

  • Week 1: The Paradise Creator Sons
  • Week 2: Private Life & Ministry of Jesus Leading Up to His Public Mission
  • Week 3: Public Ministry and Basic Teachings of Jesus
  • Week 4: Jesus the Human Father: A Reflection of God's Wise Love

Week 1-3:  Overview of Part 1 (Paula Thompson)

In this masterful presentation on the true nature and mission of Jesus, son of Joseph and Mary, we learn about the divine origin of Jesus, the Son of God, who as Michael of Nebadon is the creator and supreme sovereign of our local universe. All Creator Sons must fulfill a divine mandate of their heavenly Father to descend through the universe of their creation and personally experience the existence of seven different orders of beings whom they have created, from the highest to the lowest in universe intelligence, the lowest being the human order.

This mandate sets the stage for the extraordinary bestowal of Michael as Jesus whose divine mission was to declare and reveal God as a Loving Father to man and to reveal man in an unprecedented way to God the Father. Never has the universe known such a perfected, loving, and merciful being as Jesus.

This class presents some of the major events of Jesus' personal life from his childhood up to the time of his baptism and the start of his public ministry. Next we study the ordination of the twelve apostles, the essence of the gospel message expressed in his discourses on the new religion of the spirit, and the faith of Jesus. 

“You can know God, not by understanding what Jesus said, but by knowing what Jesus was. Jesus was a revelation of God.”

Week 4:  Jesus the Human Father - A Reflection of God's Love (Arlene Weimer)

What if you could take a course on parenting from Jesus? This module, wisely taught by a parent and clinical psychologist, will essentially do just that by providing an overview of Jesus as a parent to his eight siblings. For most of Jesus’ adult life, from age 14 to 26 years, he was the head of the household following Joseph’s death. 

This topical study about Jesus as a father addresses the relevance of knowing how Jesus’ parenting reflected God’s love. It offers many examples of Jesus' parenting style and gives a glimpse of how fully he experienced the challenges, joys and difficulties of being a parent.  

Examples of how Jesus lived the attributes of Fatherly love such as trustworthiness, being responsive to individual and family needs, wise love, and forgiving tolerance are discussed.

We will review Jesus’ approach to discipline with a focus on a positive authoritative method of child rearing. There is even guidance from Jesus on how to wean children from parents and assist them in becoming independent adults.

Jesus as a human father was a true reflection of God’s love for us, his creature children.


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Will I get a grade for this class? 

At this time, no grades are given for completing UUI classes. This class has been designed chiefly for personal enrichment and is part of the larger Introduction to The Urantia Book Course. 

Course Format 
  • Instructional videos 
  • Assigned readings
  • Learning exercises
  • Written discussion forums in the online classroom
  • Live weekly webinars in UUI's Zoom video conference room (interactive online discussion group)
Required Effort:  A minimum of 3 hours per week in reading and discussion; more for optional reading and attending 90-minute weekly webinar

    Recommended Background

    This course is intended for newer readers of The Urantia Book. However, students at all levels of study may benefit from it. 



    Paula Thompson

    Paula Thompson has studied The Urantia Book since January of 1976. From that time, she has been an avid daily student of the book and has studied it weekly with a group since 1977.


    Paula is currently the Director of The Urantia Book Fellowship. The Fellowship is a nonprofit organization founded in 1955 and is the original social fraternal organization of believers in The Urantia Book. The Fellowship is devoted to the dissemination of the book and its teachings as well as providing study, socialization and service opportunities for all students of the book.   


    Paula has spent over 5,000 hours doing active public outreach with The Urantia Book. She has traveled all over the USA as well as Asia, Africa, Europe and South America to exhibit and introduce the book. She hosts a weekly radio show on the book, has appeared in several TV interviews, and has trained hundreds of volunteers for Urantia outreach.

    Arlene Weimer

    Brooklyn-born to Jewish parents who emigrated from Poland, Arlene Weimer spent the first 17 years of her life following the orthodox Jewish faith.  When she began attending Brooklyn College, science and philosophy took the place of religion and she rejected the fear and guilt associated with the Old Testament.

    For the next 10 years, while pursuing her higher education, she was an agnostic.  In 1970, she received a PhD in Psychology and Gerontology, yet had little confidence to use her degree professionally.  She began asking questions about the truth of this life and her place in it.  After a five-year relationship, she married Buck Weimer in June, 1970. They decided to travel the world for two years, and it was during this period that she began to experience a personal God who cared for her and was guiding her.  

    In 1972, while teaching Psychology at Florida Tech. University, a student in a class on Personality said: “If you really want to learn about personality read the Urantia Book.”  She got the book and gave it to Buck to read. After several months she decided to read the Jesus papers, being inspired by Buck’s growth in his ability to express loving kindness. They finished reading the Urantia Book in the mountains of Costa Rica. After 10 months of living in a tent, they decided to return home to the U.S. and settle down to working and raising a family. With Jesus as her guide and inspiration, Arlene found her direction and confidence.

    She and Buck have lived in Pueblo, Colorado since 1974, where they raised 3 great sons. For Arlene, being a parent is the closest she will ever come in this life to understanding God’s love for us. After several years of teaching and working at Colorado State Hospital, she started a private practice as a clinical psychologist which she has continued to the present. Arlene and Buck started the first Urantia Book study group in Pueblo in 1975 and have hosted a weekly study group in their home ever since.

    The Urantia Book has helped Arlene to have a personal relationship with God.  She emphatically states that Jesus is her comforter and guide in living the truth by “Loving God and Serving Others.


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