Introduction to The Urantia Book Course:  Class #1003

Overview of Part I of The Urantia Book

About the Class

This class will focus on the key concepts of Part I of The Urantia Book which range from the Deity personalities of the Paradise Trinity to the major orders of divine beings who descend from the Trinity to function in manifold ways in Havona and the seven superuniverses. Close attention will be paid to the loving nature of the Universal Father, the First Source and Center of the master universe, and how we may best relate to God. 

Week 1-2:  Overview of Part 1

The class begins with an orientation to the cosmology of the master universe, followed by a discussion of the three Deities of the Paradise Trinity.

We will survey the principal universe locations and subdivisions of Part I - Paradise, Havona, the seven superuniverses, and the major and minor sectors - along with some of the celestial personalities who inhabit and/or rule these domains.

Special attention will be given to the Seven Master Spirits, the Supreme Trinity Personalities, the Paradise Sons of God, some of the various types and ministries of the Personalities of the Infinite Spirit, and the Mortal Corps of Finality. 

We will end Week 2 with a brief discussion of the nature of the “Ultimate Adventure” and our final human destiny as eternalized spirit beings. You are welcome to make this great journey through time and space with us, before the mysterious backdrop of infinity in the endless reaches of eternity.

Week 3-4:  Topical Study on Our Relationship to the Universal Father

We will continue with a wide-ranging overview of how maintaining a relationship with God can effect lasting changes in our character, alter our essential nature, and transform our perspective on reality while, at the same time, ensuring our success in fulfilling our ongoing destinies.


After I enroll, what happens next?

  1. Upon enrolling in the class you will receive a confirmation email
  2. Around one week before the class starts, you will receive a reminder email about the start of class.  
  3. A third email with login information for the class will be sent to enrolled students the night before the start date of the class. This email will contain the student's user name and password and the link to Urantia University's Wikispaces classroom.

    Can I audit this class?

    Yes, you have a choice to register either as an Auditor or a full-time Participant in this class. 

    Auditors are those who choose to study on their own and not participate in the assignments or class discussions.

    Participants are expected to make an effort to complete the weekly reading and discussion questions, work on the experiential philosophy project, and engage in the written discussion online webinars when possible. 

    Will I get a grade for this class? 

    At this time, no grades are given for completing UUI classes. This class has been designed chiefly for personal enrichment.

    Havona & Isle of Paradise by Gary Tonge-use for Part I of The UB

    Course Format 

    Time frame:  4 weeks

    Effort:  Minimum of 2-3 hours/week; more depending on how actively the student participates in all the discussions

    Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

    Class Format:

    • Instructional videos 
    • Assigned and suggested readings from The Urantia Book
    • Learning exercises
    • Discussion forums in the online classroom
    • 3 webinars (live, interactive discussions in an online meeting room between the students and UUI instructor
    Language:  English

    Recommended Background

    This course is intended for less experienced readers of The Urantia Book. However, students of all levels may benefit from it. 

    Instructor:  David Glass

    David Glass found The Urantia Book in 1973 in San Francisco and began with a complete read-through which took 6 months. Over the years he has attended as many study groups as existed within driving distance of his locations in FL, TX, OR, and CT. 

    David has been instrumental in planning and coordinating Urantia Book conferences at the local, state, regional, national and international levels for 40 years. He serves on the Fellowship Publications Committee and has been the delegate or alternate to the TDA for many years as well as serving in various official roles in the North Texas Society of Urantia Book Readers (USNT).

    In addition to working with the UrantiaUniversity curriculum development team, David writes poetry and music and performs piano solos.  

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