The Board of Trustees of UrantiaUniversity, Inc. 

Robert Burns 

Robert Burns found the Urantia Book in 1974 and has participated in various Urantia Book-related organizations since then, including the Urantia Book Fellowship (UBF), of which he has been a General Councilor since 1994. He is a past President of UBF and has served on the Executive committee for many years; he currently chairs the ad-hoc Policy & Procedure committee. 

Robert is also an active member and past President of UBLA (Urantia Book Society of Los Angeles) and has hosted a weekly study group since 1990. Robert serves as a Trustee of Urantia University; Trustee of the Foxhall Endowment, which supports Urantia outreach efforts; and Trustee of FreeSchools World Literacy, which supports schools for girls in Bihar, India. Robert also serves on the executive board of the Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of California Irvine. 


Elisabeth Callahan


Elisabeth Callahan retired from Road Scholar (Elderhostel) after serving many years as a Program Coordinator for its adult educational travel programs in order to work full-time on the development of UrantiaUniversity. Prior to joining Road Scholar, she enjoyed a long corporate career at Transamerica Insurance Companies in Los Angeles where she worked for many years in the corporate accounting and financial systems area then successively as a technical and administrative manager of TLC's IRA & Simplified Employee Pension Plan Administration, Annuity Sales and Service, and Claims Review Administration. 

Throughout her life Elisabeth has pursued a path of contemplative practice and studies in world religions and transpersonal psychology. She trained intensively for many years in both the Soto and Rinzai schools of Zen and was ordained a Zen Buddhist monk. Years later she returned to her Christian roots, seeking the expression of the original way that Jesus lived and taught, and was ordained a priest in the Independent Catholic Church. During these years she also pursued training in transpersonal psychology including graduate work at ITP (now Sofia University) in Menlo Park, CA.  

Since discovering The Urantia Book in 1984 she has devoted herself to its in-depth study and sharing it with others. She and her husband, John have led a weekly Urantia Book study group in Southern California for many years and derive rich personal and spiritual growth through this fellowship and the process of group discovery and application of Urantia Book teachings. She has been a Trustee of UrantiaUniversity since its inception and currently serves as Executive Director of UrantiaUniversity Institute.

Emilio Coppola


Emilio Coppola —Born and raised a Catholic boy in Rye, NY and now living in Virginia Beach, VA. He has been a licensed Financial Advisor since 1988 and has started and run several small businesses. Currently he is the owner of a firm that manages individuals' investments and consults with companies on their financial options for funding and growing their businesses. Emilio started reading The Urantia Book in April, 1996, and has attended study groups in several cities throughout the United States over the years. He has been a member of The Urantia Book society of Greater New York since March 2005, and has served many roles in the society. Emilio has also been a member of the New England Urantia Book Group (UAI) since December, 2007. He has been The Urantia Book Fellowship Treasurer since 2009. He has been the UrantiaUniversity Treasurer since 2010. He has been a member of the The Urantia Book Foundation IT Round Table meetings over several different years. He is strongly motivated to disseminate the teachings of The Urantia Book, and to serve all of his brothers and sisters in any way that he is able.

One may wonder where Emilio gets the energy for his service dedication. His answer: "The more I read the "Urantia Book," the more I want to tell people about it!" His daily prayer is to do the Father's will, and he makes himself available for that each and every day. Consequently, he finds that opportunities continually flow into his life. Beyond that, for any "figuring out" of how he'll be used, he simply leaves that to GOD. I want to serve The Urantia Book Revelation in ways beyond just my financial donations, but in addition; to serve those organizations with my time and talents.

Tim Hobbs


Tim Hobbs is the founder and CEO of Data Connect Corporation. He has gained a solid reputation among colleagues and customers alike as an information technology executive with a rare combination of strategic insight, operational expertise, and technological and collaboration skills. Tim earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Nuclear Engineering from Colorado School of Mines. 

He has been actively involved in the Urantia Book Fellowship (UBF) for many years, serving as a General Councilor and past member of the Executive Committee. Tim has traveled world-wide with members of UBF's International Fellowship Committee in its far-reaching mission to bring the Urantia Book teachings to South America, Africa and Asia. His outreach ministry includes hosting a long-time study group and co-founding UrantiaUniversity, Inc. where he hopes to develop a leadership training program inspired by key concepts in The Urantia Book for business groups and the corporate community.


Merritt Horn

Merritt Horn has been reading the Urantia Book since 1968. He was a charter member of the Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship, co-founder of the Boulder School for Students of the Urantia Book, and is the author of The Call of the Spirit (1984, 2008). He has been tracking and analyzing typographical issues in the text of the Urantia Book for many years and is a member of the Standard Reference Text committee. In addition to serving as a General Councilor for Urantia Book Fellowship, he is a Trustee of UrantiaUniversity and has served as an Associate Trustee for Urantia Foundation. Merritt has entered the busy 're-firement' stage of life after retiring from his position as the IT Director for a large organic foods manufacturer. Merritt lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, Jeanney, and any of their four daughters who might happen to be 'visiting' at the moment.


Andre Radatus

The Urantia Book’s truths have spoken compellingly to André Radatus since 1976; for him it is the “the ever-illuminating 'Handbook Earth.'” He has participated in and co-led many different study groups and formats since 1978. He co-taught a Denver Free University Introduction to The Urantia Book class and has participated in three French-language study groups.

Canadian born, André immigrated to the United States in 1980 to teach and tutor at a Urantian-founded school for learning-difference youngsters. He is the father of three adult children.

André’s vision is that every UrantiaUniversity graduate will be a catalyst for the growth of God’s relationship with each person and a leader in bringing love and progressive civilization to all persons. He regards UrantiaUniversity’s mission to be to help ardent students of The Urantia Book to integrate, express, and live its manifold truths; to inspire humankind to be won over to Michael's message: "The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man." 

Benet Rutenberg 


Benet Rutenberg resides in Terre Haute, Indiana and is the father of 3 and grand-father of 3.  His work has included logistics, sales, sales training, management and food service.  He worked in healthcare for 28 years in home oxygen and respiratory care.  This involved teaching practical, sales, technical, regulatory and company policy internally as well as advising Doctors, Nurses, Administrators and allied health professionals on how to use the system for improved patient compliance and outcomes.  Benet served over 10 years in Continuity of Care, a multi-disciplinary society established to improve post- hospital care at the local and state levels, in a variety of officer and committee chair positions.  

A student of The Urantia Book since 1971, Benet has been actively involved in many Urantia Book-related organizations. He has been a member of Urantia Association International (UAI) since 1996, serving on both the UAI Leadership 2011 Symposium Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee since its inception.  He has served 2+ terms as President of the Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association (GLMUA), is currently acting President, and has been on the GLMUA Conference Committee since 2002, serving as its chair since 2007.  He is also a two-term past president of Urantia Association of United States (UAUS). 

Benet currently serves as one of three Judicial Commissioners in UAI.  He attends conferences and meetings of many local and regional Urantia Book-related organizations and finds great fulfillment in being with all those who are interested in these teachings. He has served as a Trustee of UrantiaUniversity (UU) since its inception in 2009 and looks forward to all UU-related projects finding expression and fulfillment in the coming years.

Claire Thurston 

Claire Thurston has been reading the Urantia Book since 1980 and been active in the Bay Area and Boulder study groups and their societies. Combining the revelatory information about God and the Father with the latest psychology results about a father's influence on child development, she is an author (The Dad Difference, 2014) and a regular contributor to the online magazine, The Good Men Project. 

Her day job is doing strategic planning for the Federal government's Center for Leadership Development, which has included designing and managing the LEAD certificate program. This experience has helped prepare her to contribute those skills to UrantiaUniversity Institute. She is most proud that her three children consider themselves Urantians and is very excited to see the fruits of the Youth and Young Adult committee. 


Arlene Weimer 

Two years after receiving a PhD in Psychology and Gerontology in 1970, Arlene was introduced to The Urantia Book by one of her students in a psychology class she was teaching at Florida Tech. University. She immediately shared the book with her husband, Buck Weimer, and both became lifelong students of its teachings. After moving to Colorado in 1974, where they raised three sons, Buck and Arlene started the first Urantia Book study group in Pueblo in 1975 and have hosted a weekly study group in their home ever since. After several years of teaching and working at Colorado State Hospital, Arlene went into private practice as a clinical psychologist.

Buck and Arlene have been involved in Urantian service organizations for many years. Both are members of the Urantia Book Fellowship General Council and active members of the International Fellowship Committee (IFC) which Buck has chaired for seven years. Their service work has taken them to several foreign countries in Asia, Africa and South America. Arlene also serves on UrantiaUniversity’s Curriculum Committee and as a UUI Instructor. Her new online class on “Jesus the Human Father” will be rolled out in 2015.

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