Introduction to The Urantia Book Course:  Class #1007

The Capstone Project


#1007: The Capstone Project 

Date:  TBA

Students who have participated in the Introductory Classes #1001-1006 will have an opportunity to work on a creative project in which they will demonstrate the fruits of their learning experience by teaching some of what they have learned to others.

About the Class

What is the Capstone Project?

The Capstone Project has been generally designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore a major concept, theme, or topic of particular personal interest in The Urantia Book, and to address that topic through focused study and analysis with the benefit of peer review and supervision by a UUI instructor. The final step in the project is to create an effective presentation of the topic to one’s fellow students and instructors.

Special Theme for the 2015 Capstone Project

For the 2015 Capstone Project class, UUI requests students to base their creative projects on the theme of UUI’s first annual U&I Talks Event, which will be held on Saturday, November 7, 2015.  

This live online event will use a webinar format and feature a variety of videotaped and live educational presentations by UrantiaUniversity Institute students and instructors. U&I Talks will showcase inspiring ideas and ideals that can help to enlighten, uplift and change our world.

Capstone Project Content:

UUI invites students of The Urantia Book to create a presentation on what they believe about the real nature of religion and its role and importance in human experience based on what they have learned in their study of The Urantia Book.

Student presenters should clearly state how their own belief system or frame of reference has changed and been expanded through their studies. These ideas should be conveyed in such a manner that someone who is unfamiliar with The Urantia Book would comprehend their meaning. 

Of equal importance, students should also describe the transformative effects of this study in terms of how they have applied these teachings and ideals to their everyday life and relationships.

Capstone Project Required Concepts: 

The presentation or essay should start with the words, “This I Believe …” and also incorporate the concept, “This I Live …” which relates to how the presenter applies the teachings and ideals of The Urantia Book to his/her everyday life in relationship to others.  

The presentation should include statements about:

    • the student’s understanding of the nature of personal religion
    • the relationship between one’s self and others
    • how the student has applied the insights of personal religious realization to his or her life, particularly in relationship and service to others


Course Format 

Time frame:  6 weeks

  • Students work independently or in small teams to create their individual projects (see the list of project formats below) 
  • Students meet in UUI's online Wikispaces classroom to discuss their projects
  • Students present their projects to their peers and instructors in live webinars in the last week of class

Capstone Project Format

Students may present their Capstone Project in a variety of ways:

  • Video
  • Narrated audio file
  • Slideshow
  • Essay or journal article

Length or Size of Submission:

  • Essays (or scripts) must be at least 500 words and no longer than 1,000 words (from one to four typed pages single-spaced).
  • Video or PowerPoint submissions should be at least 5 minutes, but no longer than 10 minutes in length.
  • Narrated audio files (recorded versions of the presenter’s script) should be at least 5 minutes, but no longer than 8 minutes in spoken length.


    UUI instructors will be available to provide guidance on the project submissions.  Students are highly encouraged to work in small teams with fellow students in order to give and receive peer feedback during the process.

    Required Background

    This course is intended for students who have participated in one or more of the UUI classes #1001-1006 which introduce The Urantia Book to newer readers as well as experienced students. 


    Will I get a grade for this class or a Statement of Accomplishment?

    At this time, no grades are given for completing UUI classes. This class has been designed chiefly for personal enrichment and is part of the larger Introduction to The Urantia Book Course. Students who successfully complete all seven classes which comprise the Introductory Course will receive a Statement of Accomplishment. 

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