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An Overview of The Urantia Book Course

UrantiaUniversity provides both new readers and serious students a penetrating examination of some of the major themes and concepts presented in The Urantia Book through its innovative series of classes, An Overview of The Urantia Book. Each of the seven classes is four weeks long. 

This overview course of The Urantia Book has been designed to:

  • Introduce newer readers to some of  the major concepts, truths and themes found in The Urantia Book
  • Encourage the pursuit of more in-depth studies of The Urantia Book by both newer and experienced readers
  • Nurture the development of each student's personal religious experience through study, meditation, and service
  • Cultivate critical thinking skills and a love of learning and service
  • Foster online study groups

Most classes may be taken in one of two ways: 

  • Participant - A student who intends to actively engage in the class through reading, learning exercises, class discussions, video instruction, meditation exercises, and webinars
  • Auditor - A student who intends to make use of the selected readings, videos and learning exercises but who, for whatever reason, does not intend to engage in class discussions and webinars

You will be given an opportunity when you register to declare which track you wish to pursue. 

Online registration opens a few weeks before the start date of the class. 

Highlights of the Introductory Course

The Introductory Course consists of seven sequential classes which encompass:


#1002:  Perspectives on Urantia Book Study 1 - Frames of Reference for a Revelation

Learn about frames of reference and ways of studying The Urantia Book (or any book) with greater awareness of the factors which affect perception and understanding. This class assists students in developing critical thinking skills.  (4 weeks)


Winter 2018

You may enroll in this class as Participant or an Auditor

The Urantia Book - cover of 2013 printing
#1001:  General Overview of The Urantia Book

Discover some of the major themes and truths that run through The Urantia Book, and build a foundation for comprehending the vast portrayal of spiritual, mindal, and physical reality revealed in The Urantia Book.  (4 weeks)


Winter 2018

You may enroll in this class as Participant or an Auditor

Havona and the Isle of Paradise
#1003:  An Overview of Part I

This class explores some of the major concepts and cosmology presented in Part I as well as the culminating experiences of man's ascending, spiritualized soul as he progresses Paradiseward.
(4 weeks)


Spring 2018

You may enroll in this class as Participant or an Auditor

#1004:  An Overview of Part II 

Delve into the origin, structure and purpose of our Local Universe of Nebadon and learn about the magnificent divine Creators who brought it into existence along with countless numbers of celestial beings to run it and minister to mortal beings like us who ascend through its 570 levels of progressive existence as we transition from material to morontia to spirit form. (4 weeks)


Spring 2018

You may enroll in this class as Participant or an Auditor

The spiral of evolutionary progression of the universes
#1005:  An Overview of Part III 

Take an exciting journey through human and planetary evolution and discover more about humanity's origin, purpose and destiny; learn about Thought Adjusters, the soul, personality survival and the Seraphim; and delve into the Supreme, the Oversoul of creation.
(6 weeks)   Learn More

Sept 24-Nov 4, 2017

You may enroll in this class as Participant or an Auditor
#1006:  An Overview of Part IV 

This class provides an intimate look at the divine origin and human existence of Jesus as revealed in Part IV of The Urantia Book and affords a penetrating and useful analysis of Jesus in his role as a surrogate father to his siblings.  

Nov 12-Dec 9, 2017

You may enroll in this class as Participant or an Auditor
 The Capstone Project Class
#1007:  Capstone Project for Introductory Classes

Students who have completed all of the Introductory Classes #1001-1006 will have an opportunity to work on a creative project in which they will demonstrate the fruits of their learning experience by teaching others what they have learned. 


Open only to students
who have completed
Classes #1001-1006
  Topical Study Classes
Watch for new classes being offered this fall and winter!

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#1020:  The Celestial Artisans

Engage in a soul-expanding exploration of the Celestial Artisans who work primarily to spiritually beautify the headquarters worlds of the local and superuniverse in a wide variety of ways and forms. Students will also undertake their own creative art project during the class. One need not be an artist to take this class.  (4 weeks)


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#1015:  The Twelve Apostles

Develop a better understanding of the unique personalities of the 12 apostles, their relative strengths and weaknesses, how they related to Jesus and each other - with a reflective eye on how we relate to and see ourselves in each of them - and what it means personally to follow Jesus.  (4 weeks)



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#1030:  Truth-Coordinated Living

In this experiential philosophy class students will explore the meaning and practice of truth-coordinated living as taught by Jesus. This class will focus on aspects of scientific living which, when blended with spiritual living, contribute to achieving personal balance and the "beautiful wholeness of righteousness" that Jesus emphasized to his disciples.  (7 weeks)


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#2001:  Spiritual Living Group      New Experiential Class

The Spiritual Living Group is an innovative concept in applying the teachings and principles of The Urantia Book to everyday living. Spiritual living, based on Jesusonian ideals, is doing the will of God, and "is nothing more or less than an exhibition of creature willingness to share the inner life with God — with the very God who has made such a creature life of inner meaning-value possible. Sharing is Godlike — divine.” (1221.2) 111:5.1 
(6 weeks - limited to 15 participants)  Learn More


Oct 7 - Nov 11, 2017

Meets online every Saturday

1:30-3:00 pm

Mountain Time USA

UTC +7 hours

Books and mouse pad

Format & Scheduling of the Overview of The Urantia Book Course

UUI classes are conducted in an e-learning environment using our online Wikispaces classrooms where students engage each other on a real-time basis. 

The seven introductory classes (#1001-1007) are offered sequentially starting in January. Each class is generally four weeks long, with breaks between classes of two weeks. Students register for each of the classes separately, and can start the classes at any time during the sequential process. There are no prerequisites.


The online classes consist of instructional videos, selected reading assignments, learning exercises, online class discussions, meditation exercises, and real-time webinars led by the instructor or facilitator. 

A Weekly Class Plan or syllabus is posted in the classroom at the beginning of each week. The class plan tells students what to do during the coming week. It lists the reading assignments and learning exercises and contains links to the instructional videos, meditation exercise and other supplementary learning materials. 

Classes are asynchronous, meaning there are no fixed times that students must meet, except for the three live webinars which take place at a scheduled time on a week night or weekend. UrantiaUniversity's online classrooms are open 24/7 to registered students. Attendance is flexible. Students work in the classroom and participate in written classroom discussions at a time that's convenient for them. 

An email blast will be sent to anyone who has signed up as a UUI member with information about registration and dates.  Watch for announcements on this site.

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Who Is the Overview Course For?

We have designed the Overview of The Urantia Book Course primarily to give less experienced readers a brief but meaningful survey of the major concepts presented in The Urantia Book. However, the course may also be a fruitful experience for any serious student of The Urantia Book.

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Benefits of the Overview Course

This course provides a basic introduction to the major concepts of The Urantia Book and prepares the student for further, in-depth study of The Urantia Book.

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