Class #1030

Truth-Coordinated Living

With An Emphasis on Scientific Living

About the Class

"In all that you do, become not one-sided and over-specialized. ...

Consider the Greeks, who have a science without religion, 

while the Jews have a religion without science. 

And when men become thus misled into accepting a narrow

and confused disintegration of truth, their only hope

of salvation is to become truth-co-ordinated — converted.

Let me emphatically state this eternal truth:

If you, by truth co-ordination, learn to exemplify in your lives

this beautiful wholeness of righteousness, your fellow men

 will then seek after you that they may gain what

what you have so acquired."  (155:1.4-5/ 1726.1-2)

Truth-coordinated living brings together spiritual living with scientific living as the key to the beautiful wholeness of righteousness.

While students of The Urantia Book are full of ideas about spiritual living, scientific living is a new concept. While not neglecting spiritual living, this course emphasizes scientific living in order to achieve balance, to coordinate these dimensions.

The keynote of this course is experiential education, as advocated in The Urantia Book, and as developed in Jeff’s practice in the classroom over the past couple of decades. 

The student is encouraged—if it is psychologically reasonable—to select his or her “front-burner issue” or number one growth need. Then the student designs a scientific living project that addresses that issue (which may of course have philosophical, spiritual, aesthetic, and ethical dimensions as well).  

Every week students have the opportunity to engage in a live online discussion group with Jeff and their classmates in order to share their personal discoveries and questions and receive guidance, feedback and support in their studies and personal growth project.  

The course will rely on The Urantia Book as the primary text and a supplemental text, Jeff’s new book, Living in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness (available on Amazon).

During the 7-week class, students will explore the following topics:

  • Week 1:  Introduction to truth-coordinated living and the class
  • Week 2:  Fact and causation in daily life
  • Week 3:  Evolution and cosmology in a friendly universe
  • Week 4:  Biology - Health, self-mastery, and realism regarding spiritual experience
  • Week 5:  Psychology, the Fatherhood of God, and love of the neighbor
  • Week 6:  History and hermeneutics
  • Week 7:  Final project experience reports due

Note:  This UUI class is presented in association with Urantia Youth Association International (UYAI). Members of the UYAI study group will join UUI students in the weekly online discussion groups and experiential philosophy project.


After I enroll, what happens next?

  1. Upon enrolling in the class you will receive a confirmation email
  2. Around one week before the class starts, you will receive a reminder email about the start of class.  
  3. A third email with login information for the class will be sent to enrolled students the night before the start date of the class. This email will contain the student's user name and password and the link to Urantia University's Wikispaces classroom.

Can I audit this class?

Yes, you have a choice to register either as an Auditor or a full-time Participant in this class. 

Auditors are those who choose to study on their own and not participate in the assignments or class discussions.

Participants are expected to make an effort to complete the weekly reading and discussion questions, work on the experiential philosophy project, and engage in the written discussion online webinars when possible. 

Will I get a grade for this class? 

At this time, no grades are given for completing UUI classes. This class has been designed chiefly for personal enrichment.

Course Format 

Time frame:  7 weeks

Effort:  Minimum of 3-4 hours/week; more depending on how actively the student participates in all the learning activities and discussions

Level:  Beginner to Advanced 

Class Format:

    • Instructional videos 
    • Assigned readings
    • Learning exercises
    • Experiential philosophy project
    • Discussion forums (written) 
    • Live weekly online discussion groups (interactive Zoom video conference between instructor and students)
      Language:  English

        Recommended Background

        There is no prerequisite for this class. This class is intended for any reader of The Urantia Book.


        Jeff Wattles

        Born in Chicago in 1945, Jeff Wattles is a philosopher, teacher, author, preacher, and presenter. During his professional career, he pioneered an experiential approach to education in meaning and value through growth-promoting, project-centered courses in philosophy and religion. His written works include The Golden Rule and his newly published Living in Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

        Jeff’s mission is to promote the realization of the universal family—the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. He encourages everyone to use the language that fits their discovery of the Creator whose spirit lives within. He is applying his philosophy of living to create a new approach to evangelism centered on the heart of Jesus’ life and teachings.

        Among his other interests are guitar playing, performing as a singer-songwriter, and the arts generally; working out at Kent State University’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center; the Japanese culture of his wife (their son works in Tokyo).

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