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Original Reader Contributions on God Our Mother

This page features short articles below by inspired students of The Urantia Book, including Michelle Klimesh, Kathy George-Moore, Framy Mas, Dave Holt and Brother Joshua Wilson, and a beautiful, uplifting poem by K. Brendi Poppel. We are grateful to each of them for sharing their enlightened and diverse perspectives on God and the mother aspect of God.

Readers of The Urantia Book are invited to contribute their original writings on the maternal aspects of God as the Infinite Mother Spirit, the Eternal Mother Son, the Local Universe Mother Spirits, and the Supreme Being to the UUI website. Written submissions will be considered for publication on this page.

Invitation to Submit Your Written

Thoughts about God Our Mother

We invite you to share your thoughts about the revelation of God our Mother

in The Urantia Book - and perhaps your personal experience of our Universe Mother Spirit - in the form of a short written essay of no more than 500 words.

We will publish these personal statements of members of the Urantia community

on this web page God as our Mother and our Father

Email your short essay to: 

117:6:8   All soul-evolving humans are literally the evolutionary sons of God the Father and God the Mother

the Supreme Being. But until such time as mortal man becomes soul-conscious of his divine heritage, this assurance of Deity kinship must be faith realized. Human life experience is the cosmic cocoon in which the universe endowments of the Supreme Being and the universe presence of the Universal Father (none of which are personalities) are evolving the morontia soul of time and the human-divine finaliter character of universe destiny and eternal service.


  The Whole Self Experience

  of the Universe Mother Spirit

  Michelle Klimesh

   I appreciate that The Urantia Book provides details about the Divine

   Feminine. I’ve read about the attributes of God the Mother, the Supreme 

   Being. l marvel at the contributions of the Local Universe Mother Spirit.

   I enjoy studying about the feminine aspects of Deity, but my relationship

   with Mother is not intellectual. 

   Connecting with the Universe Mother Spirit is personal, direct, unfiltered, visceral, tangible, pervasive. I don’t sense her in my head, but rather in my entire self. I feel her in my toes and spine and muscles.  I feel her in my heartbeat and my breath. I connect with her when the sun touches my skin, when I snuggle into bed at night, when the wind blows, when birds sing, when children giggle.

Mother is my gravity. She sustains me, encourages me, makes me feel safe.  

She gives me hope and courage.

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The Mother and Father
Aspects of God

Kathy George-Moore

God is Trinity, Father, Son and Infinite Spirit. The Mother aspect of God begins when the Infinite Spirit down-steps to reach us through the Master Spirits and then through the Creative Mother Spirit to enable us to have a Mind. This mind which gives us the ability to have a spark of the Father within us, also gives us the ability to be conscious and to grow spiritually.

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Service That Honors

God the Mother

Dave Holt

As we approach this Mother’s Day, I have been experiencing a deeper soul communion with my great-grandmother, Mary Francis Corbier, aka Marie Oga Debassige. I never met her. I was born 10 years after she died in 1938. My mother and grandmothers, keepers of a genetic history, a suppressed story of ancient native tribes who’d come to Turtle Island, our North ...

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Mother, Mother

A Song to Our Mother Spirit

by Framy Mas

Mother, Mother, Holy Mother,

My heart sings your love in me,

Holy Spirit, Holy Mother,

Giving all, eternally,

Mother, Mother, Holy Mother,

Source of Loving energy.

Thank You, thank You, thank you for your love,

Thank You, thank you, thank you for your love.

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On the Mountain

with the Divine Mother

Bro. Joshua J. Wilson

It was a balmy Spring season in the Tonto National Forest in northern Arizona when I found myself in solitude on an isolated retreat on the mountain for eleven days. This private camp at 4400 feet in elevation beneath towering juniper trees was designed for, and proved to be, an ideal place for spiritual seekers to escape the traffic and noise of the city, and perhaps even have a time of mirth and merriment. ...

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God the Supreme

K. Brendi Poppel

Supreme Mother of all creation

Your completion is the consummation of experiential realization

Volitional Deity, designing your destiny

Divine result of all that is and all that can be

in the grand universe.

Our awareness of God enlarges and enlightens

as the future brightens

   in response and reflection to Paradise perfection ...

Then, when every world has reached stability,

and Light and Life is a certainty,

on every sphere far and near,

God the Supreme will appear upon a new frontier.

In the fullness of time when equilibrium is achieved

the balanced cosmos will receive

the replete revelation of finite interaction,

the symmetry and synchrony of sublime satisfaction ...

As we do the will of God, the Supreme evolves.

In the far, far distant future the mystery resolves

in the emergence of the fulfillment of all that has ever been

and then we will begin ...

to see the Ultimate and the Absolute ...

as we climb the hills of time in pursuit...

of divinity’s dream, the spiritual scheme,

where the royal regime

of the Father, Son and Spirit

are revealed in God the Supreme.

The Devi Prayer ~ With appreciation to Craig Pruess (music) & Ananda Vdovic (vocal)

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