Knowing God Our Mother  

My Journey of Discovering Our

Local Universe Mother Spirit

Sharon Porter

I began my beautiful journey to get to know and have a relationship with our Local Universe Mother Spirit at the 2014 Fellowship International Conference. It was there that my passion began to flame and I caught on fire with a desire to know Her. 

Serendipitously at that Conference, a group of women came together and we decided that we wanted to gather and talk about our Mother Spirit. We formed an incredible online Zoom group called Sisters in Spirit. We knew something wonderful was beginning to happen. We came together every two weeks to talk about, study and learn about our Universe Mother. Some in the group already had an established relationship with Her, and others of us were new in getting to know Her. 

I studied and intently read the Book by myself as well as with my local women friends. When we read in Paper 34 that she is our spiritual Mother I knew my life and mind had been changed. And when we read that Michael and Mother were our spiritual parents, I heard and felt the spiritual truth of that statement inside of me.

A huge shift happened in my life and I was not the same anymore. I became a new person. I saw things differently and with new eyes. I was not an orphan anymore.  I now had a spiritual Mother and Father. I had both. As time went by I began to realize that I really needed my spiritual Mother, that she completed the balance of Mother and Father that we also knew in our human lives. I began to realize that Her personal presence was with me all the time. Not just sometimes. Again and again, large shifts of understanding were coming to me. 

What did all of this mean in my life? I had been reading the U.B. since 1976 and had very seldom heard about or encountered anyone that spoke about our Universe Mother, let alone our Local Universe Mother and Father. And if I did there didn’t seem to be any interest in this topic. It just wasn’t discussed. Through a series of classes I was taking outside of the Urantia movement I began to grasp the Motherliness of God. Then I met and talked with Meredith Tenney, Michelle Klimesh and Susan Cook. I understood that they had had a long time relationship with our Mother Spirit. I was finally on track to begin my own adventure in discovering Her for myself. 

I felt and knew our Mother Spirit was alive in me. I wanted to tell everyone about Her, help them see and know Her as I did. I would write to Her in my journal and felt her spiritual presence alive in me. In 2015 along with my friends Kaye Cooper and Mary Huggins we planned and held our first Women’s Mother Spirit Retreat. It was called, Strong in the Spirit: How to have a relationship with our Mother. It was such a success. We felt like we were able to open the door a little wider and introduce our Local Universe Mother Spirit to those who didn’t know Her and to gather together with those that knew Her well. 

In 2017 we worked with Tim Hobbs and ran a Pre-Conference retreat along with our men on our Local Universe Mother Spirit. 

I lost my beloved husband Ted in 2017 who was my spiritual partner in studying, learning and forming a relationship with our Mother. Our Mother has been with me all along the way supporting and helping me through this loss.

I now feel led to speak more about our spiritual parents, our Divine Mother and Father of this local universe of Nebadon.  Reading even deeper and more thoroughly about them, I realize the utter collaboration and dependence that they have with one another. The two of them have been partners and Co-Creators from the very beginning.  In fact, he cannot do anything without her cooperation and consent. 

I recently had a vision where the two of them were emblazoned on my heart, standing side by side as Mother and Michael, as their spirits – Her Holy Spirit and His Spirit of Truth  were strongly connected and working together. Nestled in the middle of them was my beloved Thought Adjuster. They were as solid as a rock. Nothing could move them and they are still emblazoned today in my heart. I heard and felt with such a clarity that our Mother and our Father were such a connected pair. Sometimes I feel their presence connected as One.

I am grateful for my Mother and I am grateful for my Father as my spiritual parents.

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