Knowing God Our Mother  

Religious desire is the hunger quest for divine reality. Religious experience is the realization of the consciousness of having found God.

And when a human being does find God, there is experienced within the soul of that being such an indescribable restlessness of triumph in discovery that he is impelled to seek loving service-contact with his less illuminated fellows, not to disclose that he has found God,

but rather to allow the overflow of the welling-up of eternal goodness within his own soul to refresh and ennoble his fellows.

Real religion leads to increased

social service.  102:3:4

Tom Choquette is most well known to many Urantia Book readers as the co-founder of the "Truth Seekers" program for the Urantia youth. Youths at risk and in crisis have been Tom's service focus for many years. He has ministered to homeless and street kids (providing food, hope, love and friendship) and at risk youth in the Seattle area for many years through a program he co-founded called "Teen Hope," an emergency youth shelter,

"Peace Table," a peer mediation program, and "University Street Ministries." He served as President of the Board and as a volunteer for many years with these organizations. 

Tom has been a leader in the Urantia movement for many years, both in the Seattle, WA area and in his previous home in Alaska. He has started and facilitated several study groups and has been a dedicated Urantia Book reader since the early 70's. He is author of the book, "Children of the Lie."

The Urantia Book found Susan Cook  over 35 years ago on a bus. The book taught her to love others and to serve. She's served on the Fellowship's General Council and Executive Committee as Interfaith chair and has chaired two International Urantia Conferences as well as eight other conferences and gatherings. Susan's favorite thing in life is bringing people together to learn about our Spiritual influences all around us. Susan is co-founder and President of Little Wolf Productions, Inc., a non profit documentary film production company. 


Service is the Key to Growing

in the Holy Spirit

Susan Cook and Tom Choquette

Video Transcript of Tom & Susan's Talk at the

UUI Thought Leaders Forum on "Knowing God our Mother"

00:00 Susan Cook: Hi everyone, I'm Susan Cook and this is my sweetie, Tom Choquette. We want to thank Elisabeth for inviting us to participate in this very important topic about knowing the Creative Spirit.

00:16 Tom Choquette: She's really significant in our lives. She stayed hidden in my life ... Well, she didn't stay hidden ... I just wasn't paying attention to her.  She was out for the first half of my life, or maybe even a little more. So the journey for me to find Mom started with service (not reading The Urantia Book continually), and studying infinitely everything I could about her because she wasn't on my radar. I actually had kind of dismissed her. I don't know why. It wasn't a conscious action.  But a friend of mine got me working with street kids in the '80s, the late '80s.  I'd been reading The Urantia Book for 18 years [by then]. Well, he got me into service, and I fought it every step of the way. [I thought] these kids all needed a good swift kick in their butt and a job. I was intolerant, judgemental, and condescending ... and they changed me! Within a month of working with them, I had fallen madly in love with them. And to me it was the start of my own personal spiritual journey.

01:30 SC: Service is the key to having a relationship with the mother spirit, For me. My story is I found the The Urantia Book when I was 23, soon after I met a wonderful woman, a mother figure named Berkeley Elliot. And I was estranged from my family and particularly my mother who I couldn't stand, and Berkeley helped me through that by introducing me to the creative spirit and letting me know that I could have a relationship with her and literally replace her with a wonderful loving relationship. And through this relationship with the creative spirit, I learned about the importance of serving her children. The Mother Spirit, works through us, and she needs us to move this planet forward and to help others that are lost. And I was given a job, my very first job spiritually, was from the mother spirit, and she gave me the job of helping others find a God that they could resonate with and have a relationship with. I went into prisons, treatment centers, hospitals, and worked diligently with people who wanted to find a God that they could relate to. And it changed me forever.

02:47 TC: I have kind of grown into the fact that we work in Mom's environment. She put this whole gig together, and she has her Adjutants and the Holy Spirit, the angels, and the midwayers that are there to assist us in the process of allowing God to take over our life so that He can minister to his children, and She's very good at it. She requires that we serve, and she'll cuddle up close to us. It was David Bradley's book that turned me onto the Mother Spirit, and took the concepts and complex aspects of the lovely Universe Mother Spirit and put them into something that was real, that I had felt, and that I could get my heart into. She knows each one of us, and she knows we can know her. It's unbelievable. I'd been reading The Urantia Book for I don't know how long, and I didn't realize that we can know her consciously. And so, my process has been to give her meditative time in my life every morning or afternoon or evening. I ask that I can be allowed to be her handmaiden and a servant to her servants and a minister to her children. Sincerely, it's what I choose, always, because it leads me into the will of God.

04:22 SC: I am absolutely certain that because I sincerely want to do the will of God, that the angels - her children - direct my footsteps. And I am fortunate that she brought us together. I tell Tom the angels brought us together, you know, and we've learned a lot. And we have grown spiritually together. One of the things that we did was to read David Bradley's book together. He would read a chapter, or I would read a chapter, and then we'd discuss it. And we grew. We grew beyond what we were. The Mother Spirit guides us if we let her. I'm convinced I cannot love this man without her. She holds that space for love, she holds that space so that the Spirit of Truth can actually operate. I can't, I wouldn't, worship God without her, and I'm so grateful that she led our footsteps together so that we can do much of the work that we do.

05:39 TC: I mentioned that Mom's is the environment we serve in. Jesus is my personal trainer. He's my best friend. He shows me what I need to do in Mom's environment to be effective, to allow God to work through me. So it's not something that you really separate because it's woven together as The Father, The Mother, the Spirit, and then the Son. And the idea is the Father's within me wanting to get out and serve in Mom's environment through me. And that's what I've dedicated my life to and it's awesome.

06:28 SC: It is awesome. You just never know who you're going to change when you love someone. And because of her influence, I learned how to serve. And in learning how to serve, I learned how to love. I wouldn't be loving like I do today without learning how to serve and serving selflessly. So Tom and I will go into a restaurant and we'll ask the server's name. We'll ask about them. They truly know that we care about them, and I think that that is her in action through us. Her Dad is our Dad. We want to grow spiritually, and to serve Him. So the most important thing to remember, that I would like for you to take away from what we're talking about, is that she needs us. Our planet is in a little bit of trouble, and there's a lot of lost people out there, and she really does need us. So I'm just asking that you open up to the possibility that she might whisper in your ear, or hit you over the head with a spiritual two by four. And I ask you to get to work.

07:47 TC: A personal aspect of deity is love, mercy, and ministry. Love is the realm of the Father, mercy the realm of the Son and ministry is the realm of the Spirit. Ministry comes closest to us. It's through service to others that we grow into a frame of mind where we can start working on forgiveness, patience, tolerance, and through that we make room for God's love in us. So get on board, jump into Mom's service and join us.

08:25 SC: Thank you so much, we love you all.

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