Knowing God Our Mother  

How I Came to Know Our Mother Spirit

Mary Huggins

The winding road ahead hid the far distant destination. The RV behind us followed obediently, tracking exactly in our tire prints on the asphalt already warm at 5:00 AM. The early morning heat of late June was already rising from the road in shimmers. Dale and I were deliciously anticipating the cool Canadian breezes replacing the tiresome oven of a Texas summer too soon scorching. The wild scenery, the breathtaking mountain vistas, the glacier-melt rivers in which we found our fresh fish dinners were what our souls had longed for in anticipation of this three week trip across the southern half of Canada.  

My Urantia Book was snuggled safely in a cubby in our RV, for those quiet moments of solitude in the campground as the men fished and explored. The papers on our Mother Spirit were my reading material for the trip, filling my heart and soul with more Good News: Who truly is the Holy Spirit, who is this partner to my much beloved Jesus or Michael, who is our spiritual Mother who so loves their joint children, each as an only child yet with myriads of siblings. 

This particular day we stopped at a major waterfall that we had been hearing about as we traveled and that was in all the guidebooks as a “MUST SEE”. The previous winter had seen  much snow amassed in the mountains. By early July, the sun was melting the snowpack and the rivers were full and running wild with life-giving water. We and our friends hiked several minutes from the parking lot to witness this marvelous “chute d’eau”, billed as one not to miss.

Because of the summer crush of tourists, we were obliged to wait for several minutes, all the while hardly able to converse with each other due to the roar of the falling water, still invisible behind the trees. As we finally approached the actual falls we saw that the park had built a large concrete viewing stand built out over the pool below the falls.  It was anchored in the solid rock, very sturdy and safely held the crowd.

When I first glimpsed the water flowing over the rim, I was disappointed that it wasn’t tall or wide like Niagara. But I soon realized that the volume of water was so prodigious that the force of it caused the falls to project far out over the pool, the water constantly crashing down into the pool below.

Somehow I ended up next to the railing overlooking the pool. I heard nothing but the roar which actually created a silence drowning all other sound. The mist wet my skin. I could feel nothing but that. Then I realized the the entire platform was vibrating from the force of the water hitting the pool. I was enveloped by sound, cut off from all other sensations by the overwhelming deluge of water sensations.

In my almost blind and deaf state, all other thoughts were drowned. I felt Mother in the power of the vibrations, from the flow of the water. I could see her in the nature of water itself. I could breathe her into my lungs in the mist. I knew our Mother. She was in my heart and soul, telling me that this is she, she is powerful beyond comprehension, yet loving me deep within in a way I had never been loved before.

I KNEW her power to create; I KNEW her love for me, her child; I KNEW her holding me safely in what could have felt threatening. I KNEW her as my spiritual mother. I was frozen. I couldn’t move, I was so completely alone in this moment of reveling in the Presence of my Mother.

I would have stayed there for hours. But the crowd pushed me on. Dale eventually grabbed my hand and forced me to leave. We had to return to the ordinary world.  

But now I KNOW my Mother. She enfolded me, she supported me, she held me close and safe. She spoke silently to my open heart.  

Today my calling is to bring her out of the closet, still hidden within the pages of the Urantia Book, and my calling is to introduce her to my sisters and brothers as their spiritual mother. I desire to share her. She is big enough to enfold all of humankind under her safe wings. She is our Mother Spirit of Nebadon. 

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