Knowing God Our Mother  

Holy Mother Spirit of Nebadon

Patrick Yesh

I am referencing David Bradley’s wonderful book, “Our Local Universe Mother Spirit” in which he describes the many families of the Third Person of Deity, the Infinite Spirit, from which our Mother Spirit of Nebadon descends.

Our Divine Minister’s universe family is manifold and through Her and her creations, what we do with our borrowed mind has ramifications all the way to Paradise. Our approach to knowing Her intimately can be an endless adventure of service. God shares Himself and all his universe creations freely, lovingly, completely. We are surrounded and infused with his Paradise personality creations who serve us without hesitation the same as those of the Holy Mother Spirit.

The following quote, in my opinion, from the Tertiary Seconophim (the Sanctity of Service Angels), sums up our best approach to knowing her: 

“Service - purposeful service…is productive of the highest satisfaction and is expressive of the divinest dignity. Service more service, increased service, difficult service, adventurous service, and at last divine and perfect service is the goal of time and the destination of space."

The Urantia Book (28:6.17)

From the Creator Son’s patterns our Holy Mother Spirit creates the material manifestations of the local universe: You, me and all the physical creations. She created us. She is also the mind of God in the local universe. She represents the infinite Spirit here.

How can we simplify these momentous descriptions of this revelation of her nature and about our individual relationship with her? I think by looking at our relationship with her angelic creations who are closest to us, we can begin. Our guardian angels who chose to serve us are our potentially eternal companions and can become finaliters with us. We not only take the Holy Spirit with us to Paradise, but our angels can go with us there and beyond to finaliter status. Our investment with her presence in and out of us is a miracle too large to really comprehend. 

Many of the faithful seraphic guardians of mortals are permitted to go through the ascendant career with their human wards, and many of these guardian angels, after becoming Father fused, join their subjects in taking the finaliter oath of eternity and forever accept the destiny of their mortal associates. Angels who pass through the ascending experience of mortal beings may share the destiny of human nature; they may equally and eternally be mustered into this Corps of the Finality." The Urantia Book  (31:4.1) 

Our relationship with our angels is our relationship with Her. She is ever present in our minds as all of our different minds and She is ever present in our outer reality as our angels. There is so much more to learn and explore about Her by creating the most intimate and friendly and fun relationships with our angels. In the canyons of Utah and the streets of Calgary I can walk and play with them as well as conjure up the image of them caring for all my friends, family, and relations by faith.

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