Knowing God Our Mother  

Our Mother God

Maureen Amato Mayes

Becoming aware of God our Mother has deepened and enriched my experience of God. She offers so many ways for us to connect and to feel nourished and supported. She permeates everything with her loving kindness. It is my great hope that all of you will come to know her, if you haven’t yet, and will open your hearts to all her myriad forms of divine ministry. It is so glorious to know God as our divine parent and sibling, our Father, Mother and Brother!

I feel her presence in every relationship I have, in her form as the Supreme Being.  As we are told in paper 117 section 6, “The morontia soul of an evolving mortal is really the son of the Adjuster action of the Universal Father and the child of the cosmic reaction of the Supreme Being, the Universal Mother... The mother influence dominates the human personality throughout the local universe childhood of the growing soul ..." and further on in this section, “All soul-evolving humans are literally the evolutionary sons of God the Father and God the Mother, the Supreme Being.” She is growing and becoming as we each find our way to love one another.

I rejoice in the Infinite Spirit, whose omnipresence and mercy ministry are available to us in so many different dresses. We are told that the essence of the Spirit's divine character is everlasting ministry to mind and is love applied to the individual minds of all the children of every universe, and told to “work out the details of your earthly sojourn in connection with the intelligences of the Infinite Spirit operating on your world and throughout your universe. “

These characteristics of the Infinite Spirit are especially available to us through the Creative Daughter, our local universe Mother Spirit. Her personality presence surrounds me, embracing me, accepting me, loving me without judgment and nurturing my spirit. She is always there, everywhere, so easily contactable, so close. As we are told in paper 34 sections 1 and 2 in glorious detail, our local universe Mother is a true person and as such eminently contactable.

Through her we experience that critical mind ministry that contributes so much to us in growing our souls and making the decisions necessary for our advancement. And then there are our loving sisters, our angelic guardians who tirelessly minister to us. … “working from the outside inward, working through the social, ethical, and moral environment...” (paper 113 section 4)

Indeed God our Mother is available to us in so many ways. Reach out for her, she is always there.

  Maureen Amato Mayes, pen name Maude, has been

  reading The Urantia Book since the mid-'70s and

  sincerely applying its teachings to her life. Maud and

  her husband Phil write books and blog on peaceful

  relationships. Their vision is one of spreading peace, 

  one relationship at a time.

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