Knowing God Our Mother  

Our Mother Spirit Is All-Loving,

All-Nurturing, and All-Understanding

Diane Labrecque

To me, our Divine Mother Spirit is an all-loving, all-understanding and all-nurturing Mother.

Mother Spirit is an all-loving Mother in that she expresses Her unconditional Love at all times, toward all creatures in all of our Local Universe. We can trust in Her Love because it is not biased by any favoritism toward any one creature in particular, since Her Divine nature is to unite us all together. Her Love helps us to grow as a well-balanced personality thus reflecting Truth, Beauty and Goodness as we progress toward our perfection of being. In Truth, the very nature of our Divine Mother Spirit is summarized in three simple words – Love in Action.

Mother Spirit is also an all-nurturing Mother toward each and all of us. She envelops all creatures with Her Love which nurtures us and secures us like children snugly wrapped in a big warm blanket all around us, making us feel forever secure in Her. She is the embodiment of Trust, knowing that we can always refer to Her to reassure us and encourage us in the right decisions and the right directions to take concerning our progressive Local Universe ascension.

Mother Spirit is as well an all-understanding Mother which implies that she has understood Her creatures and their individual experiences even before they come to Her for Her Divine advice and wisdom. Her heartfelt compassion toward our difficulties as we progress in our Local Universe is felt at all times. It serves to fuel us with that vital boost of encouragement that we need to keep reaching ever upward in our ascension toward fusion with our Thought Adjuster on our way toward Paradise.

For that reason and so many others unmentioned, my heart is overflowing today with Love toward our Mother Spirit, the Mother of all mothers.

“Happy Mother’s Day To You, Mother Spirit!”

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