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Dave Tenney

Upon discovering The Urantia Book (UB), I was very pleased to see that the Second Source and Center is also our “Universal Mother” (6:8.1), the Infinite Spirit is our “Paradise Mother Spirit” (8:2.2), the Supreme our experiential “Divine Mother” (117:6.2), and that we have a local universe “Mother Spirit” (Paper 34).

I viewed God as essentially beyond gender, but understood the need to use limited conceptual frames to convey the nature of God’s various levels and functions to a mostly Christian audience of the 1900’s having the predominately male language usage of that time. I appreciated our celestial authors leaving some clues to help reveal that God has a motherly as well as a fatherly nature, that we could relate to God either way, and experience “Her” as well as “Him.”   

I’ve sought to integrate the UB’s revelatory perspective with my own personal, experiential, religious perspective. When I was around 10 years old I had an epiphany during which I came to know God as not only personally living within me, but being all around me. 

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The revelation’s words “as the spirit fragment of the Father dwells within you, so does the spirit presence of the Son envelop you” (6:5.7) could easily mean the” Eternal Mother” enveloping you, as I felt in my own childhood experience.

Given the UB author's reference to the Supreme as “God the Mother” (117:6.8), and their use of both male and female pronouns in the papers on the Supreme, it's useful to substitute the word “her” when reading them, to more fully appreciate the Supreme’s motherly nature.

In that light, when the UB says that we “live move, and have our being within the Supreme” (117:3.12), it is God our Mother they are referring to. Paper 106:2.7 says that (she) is “completely experiencible,” which feels right on, as throughout much of my life I’ve enjoyed many experiences of synchronously co-creating with “Her.”

Our Universe Mother Spirit is both “diffusely present throughout her entire local universe” and “personally present” on any given world (34:3.3). We are told that “personality responds directly to other personality presence” (112.1.11), implying we can feel our Mother’s personal presence.

I’ve been cultivating a personal relationship with our Mother by practicing receptivity to her loving presence and seeking to act in harmony with her ministering spirits.

In my relationship with Meredith, we try to reflect the Divine love of Michael and Mother to each other, and so I’m also often able to experience our Mother God’s love coming through Mer’s direct personal human expression of that.

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