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What Roles Can Philosophy Play in the Spiritual Life?

A guided inquiry led by

Jeffrey Wattles

 Saturday, September 7, 2019

1:00-2:30 p.m. Eastern time USA

10:00 a.m. Pacific time USA
11:00 a.m. Mountain time USA

12:00 noon Central time USA

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About the presentation:

Jeff invites us to prepare for this Forum discussion by considering the passage below from Paper 110 of The Urantia Book. It’s one of the more detailed quotes about love – one more gem that enriches our understanding of the way of simplicity, by providing a path of thoroughness which is inexhaustible.

While reflecting on the passage, bear this question in mind:  What roles can philosophy play in the spiritual life?   

“You must not regard co-operation with your Adjuster as a particularly conscious process, for it is not; but your motives and your decisions, your faithful determinations and your supreme desires, do constitute real and effective co-operation. You can consciously augment Adjuster harmony by:

    1. Choosing to respond to divine leading; sincerely basing the human life on the highest consciousness of truth, beauty, and goodness, and then co-ordinating these qualities of divinity through wisdom, worship, faith, and love.
    2. Loving God and desiring to be like him—genuine recognition of the divine fatherhood and loving worship of the heavenly Parent.
    3. Loving man and sincerely desiring to serve him—wholehearted recognition of the brotherhood of man coupled with an intelligent and wise affection for each of your fellow mortals.
    4. Joyful acceptance of cosmic citizenship—honest recognition of your progressive obligations to the Supreme Being, awareness of the interdependence of evolutionary man and evolving Deity. This is the birth of cosmic morality and the dawning realization of universal duty.” (110:3.6-10/1206.4-8)
Everyone is welcome to join philosopher Jeff Wattles as we search for deeper dimensions of meaning and value in our most intimate and mysterious relationship with the adjuster of our thoughts, the father of our soul, and the conductor of our worship. Time and again, as we journey inward, we can return to these teachings to renew our sense of direction.

About the


Experienced evangelist and retired philosopher, Jeff is now at work on a book that takes a step toward the following goal:  “The great hope of Urantia lies in the possibility of a new revelation of Jesus with a new and enlarged presentation of his saving message which would spiritually unite in loving service the numerous families of his present-day professed followers.” (195:10.16/2086.2)

The new book project is Jeff’s most powerfully growth-inducing one ever. It builds on his two earlier books: The Golden Rule and Living in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. The second book fleshes out the philosophy of living sketched at the end of Paper 2.

Jeff’s other passions are worship, getting to know people, Mother’s adjutant mind-spirits, and the powers of the soul.

His websites are:

https://UrantiaBookProjects.org (anonymous, please). This is where, after the September 7 forum, you’ll find additional responses to questions raised during the forum and some material pertinent to the September 7 conversation. To find it, go to the bottom of the Home page to the section titled “Urantia Book Movement” and click on “Find Out More. “

https://UniversalFamily.org - Jeff's ongoing evangelism site

https://ANewPhilosophyofLiving.com - Lots of lively blogposts

https://sites.google.com/a/kent.edu/jwattles/ - An academic site with writings on philosophy and religion.

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The UUI Thought Leaders Forum is a series of online dialogues modeled in part on the Ted Talks concept. The primary distinction is that the UUI Thought Leaders Forum is  interactive and has a spiritual context for examining and presenting ideas of progressive, evolutionary value in science, philosophy, and religion that are inspired by The Urantia Book.  The Presenters examine and reveal how these three domains of knowledge intersect with human systems and the development of civilization.

Format of the Online Forum:

Context & Format of the Online Forum:

The 90-minute webinar with Jeff will feature three segments in which Jeff will speak briefly on an aspect of the topic. Following each short talk, Jeff will pose a question and give the audience a few minutes to reflect on it.

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Education is the business of living; it must continue throughout a lifetime so that mankind may gradually experience the ascending levels of mortal wisdom, which are:

1.  The knowledge of things.
2.  The realization of meanings.
3.  The appreciation of values.
4.  The nobility of work – duty.
5.  The motivation of goals – morality.
6.  The love of service – character.
7.  Cosmic insight – spiritual discernment.

And then, by means of these achievements, many will ascend to the mortal ultimate of mind attainment, God-consciousness.

From The Urantia Book 71:7.5-13



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