Online Workshop in Grief and Transition Ministry

A five-hour workshop presented in two parts:

  • Part 1:  Sunday, Sept 13, 2020 ~ 10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Pacific time USA
  • Part 2:  Sunday, Sept 20, 2020 ~ 10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Pacific time USA

    11:00-1:30 PDT  |  12:00-2:30 CDT  |  1:00-3:30 EDT

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The workshop is full.

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Workshop Outline

Five hours in total

Part One - 2.5 hours 

  • Unit 1:  Setting the Stage 
  • Unit 2:  Models of Grieving
  • Unit 3:  The Sixth Stage of Grief  
  • Unit 4:  Facilitated interactive segment with participants
  • Unit 5:  Spirit-led "Counseling Methods"

Q & A sessions with participants will follow each instructional Unit.

Part Two - 2.5 hours 

  • Unit 6:  How Jesus ministered as he passed by ~ Jesus’ four-part approach in personal ministry with a special segment on "Partnering with the Spirit"
  • Unit 7:  Practical techniques for ministering to people in transitional states of loss and grief
  • Unit 8:  Personal writing activity
  • Unit 9:  Complicated & Unresolved Grief – when to seek professional help, with a special segment on the first two mansion worlds
  • Workshop wrap up by participants with a closing worship session.  

Participant Handbook

Following the workshop, participants will receive a Handbook of the workshop training materials. This has been designed to guide them in their lay ministry and provide links to valuable resources for grief ministry. This will be available as a PDF download file. 

What we will explore and learn in this workshop

Societies around the world are currently undergoing massive disruptions in everyday life and patterns of social interaction due to the coronavirus pandemic that are unprecedented in scale. The pandemic has created an abnormal situation resulting from social distancing, non-touching, school closures, the loss of jobs, income, familiar routines, and even loved ones. Fears around death and dying have been inflamed.

These factors, coupled with extreme uncertainty about the future of our society and our world, have heightened the level of stress and anxiety that many people are experiencing. The situation requires adaptability and receptivity to the idea of non-return to the “old normal” and transitioning into a “new normal.” 

Life will never be quite the same again as it was before the coronavirus.  How do we help ourselves and others to cope with and adapt in positive ways to the effects of these massive social changes?

The workshop team of mental health professionals will provide a perspective on life’s transitions and a set of ministry tools and practical ideas to help ourselves and others better cope with significant life changes. Participants will learn about the stages of transition and grief and how this process can lead a person to new discoveries of profound meaning and value in living.

Participants will also receive a set of supplemental materials to compassionately help themselves and others as we individually and collectively undergo the pangs of life’s inevitable transitions and necessary losses. 


After I enroll, what happens next?

  1. After enrolling in the workshop you will receive a confirmation email.
  2. Several days before the workshop starts, you will receive an email with login information for the two online Zoom meetings.
  3. A reminder email will be sent to participants the night before the workshop.

Note:  Those who enroll in the workshop and miss one of the sessions will be able to view a video recording of the workshop.

Join us for a practical, two-part workshop designed to provide lay instruction with a psychological and spiritual perspective on grieving and facing the challenges of major life transitions. 

The workshop has been developed by a team of mental health professionals from the Urantia community who perceived the need and value of offering an educational online program to help people deal with the anxiety, grief, and uncertainty caused by the profound social upheavals of the Covid-19 era and related social and political crises. 

Ministry Skills

Participants will acquire a set of skills in grief ministry to assist them in more effectively and compassionately ministering to friends and family who have suffered a major loss as a result of death, job loss, social isolation, divorce, loss of a way of life that is gone forever, or other traumatic personal losses.

This "ministry tool kit" is for everyday use by everyday people who wish to enhance their ability to extend a friendly, Jesusonian hand and compassionate listening to others.

Workshop participants will learn a variety of helpful techniques that reflect the best of contemporary healing and therapeutic practices as well as the masterful way that Jesus ministered to people "as he passed by." These practices invariably lead to growth in meanings and values about the experience of life and promote the health of the self. 

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is designed for lay people who wish to learn the art and science of ministry to persons who are grieving or experiencing profound loss from a major life transition.  

The program is enriched and shaped by a spiritual dimension of ministering to those who are suffering. It is open to both readers and non-readers of The Urantia Book alike.

There is no fee for the workshop. 

Donations to UUI are welcome and help support ongoing development of classes, workshops and educational videos and materials. 


Workshop Presenters

Beverly Boyer

Bev discovered the Urantia Book 42 years ago and has never once stopped feeling profoundly grateful for this revelation.  She has hosted study groups in St. Louis and Princeton, NJ. Bev currently resides in New Hampshire and is a member of the New England Urantia Book Association. 

She began her professional career as an RN, working Labor and Delivery in an inner city hospital.  Later, she transitioned to education and became a teacher in the Waldorf movement.  Over her 25-year teaching career she taught every age from grade 1 to 12.  Bev is currently focused on adult education, teaching those planning to become teachers.  She is also a certified therapeutic musician and plays harp for hospice patients.

Tommie Clendening

Tommie has been a student of The Urantia Book since 1974 and has hosted study groups for many years. An active member of the Urantia community, she has participated in many UB conferences as a plenary speaker, workshop presenter, and organizer and coordinator for kids care and children’s programs at Urantia conferences. Tommie was a founding member of the Dallas area UB Society and one of the founders and staff of The Circles, a creative newsletter for UB readers in the 1970s and 80s. Over her lifetime Tommie has worked as a Med Tech, union carpenter and foreman, stay-at-home-Mom, and mental health professional with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. Married for over 45 years, she is the mother of three grown children and grandmother of five. Now happily retired, Tommie is free to travel extensively and serve causes of social and spiritual interest to her.

Marvin Gawryn

Semi-retired after 30 years in practice as a Family Therapist, Marvin currently works as the Executive Director of the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada. He is the author of “Reaching High: The Psychology of Spiritual Living," and serves as President of the Family of God Fellowship  (, which is dedicated to helping people live their lives more fully in spiritual family relationship.  Since finding the revelation more than 50 years ago, he has led numerous study groups and workshops, and served in a variety of leadership roles with Urantia Book Fellowship and other movement organizations. He is currently a member of the Standard Reference Text Committee, UUI’s Curriculum Committee and Advisory Board, and teaches an ongoing series of UUI courses.

Arlene Weimer

Arlene Weimer received a PhD in Psychology and Gerontology in 1970. While teaching a class in personality at Florida Tech University in 1973, one of her students introduced her to The Urantia Book. As a result, both Arlene and her husband, Buck, became lifelong students of its teachings, hosting a weekly study group for the past 44 years.

In 1974, they moved to Pueblo, Colorado where Arlene worked as Chief Psychologist of the Geriatric Division at the Colorado State Hospital. During that time she was a member of a committee that developed community Hospice Care. In 1977, Arlene taught classes in psychology at the Univ. of So. Co., including classes on Death and Dying. In 1978, Arlene received her license as a Clinical Psychologist specializing in Grief Counseling. She has been in private practice for the past 42 years. Jesus has been her spiritual guide and inspiration in ministering to burdened souls.

Arlene serves as a board member and instructor of Urantia University, and a member of the UUI Curriculum Committee. She has taught several online classes including “Jesus the Human Father” and “Spiritual Living” and is presently one of the UUI Café facilitators.

Elisabeth Callahan

Elisabeth discovered The Urantia Book in 1984, after many years of intensive training as a Zen Buddhist monk and teacher. She immediately recognized the authenticity of its unequaled spiritual teachings and cosmic truths. Since that numinous discovery, she has devoted herself to its in-depth study and to the service of  sharing the light and love of this revelation of God with others. 

Over the course of her lifetime Elisabeth has pursued graduate studies in transpersonal psychology and the healing arts and served as a spiritual teacher and minister. She and her husband, John have led a weekly Urantia Book study group in Southern California for many years and derive rich personal and spiritual growth from this spiritual family. She is a founding Trustee and instructor of Urantia University and currently serves as UUI’s Executive Director.

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