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Self-Directed Study of The Urantia Book

Urantia University's Self-Directed Study Courses (SDS) provide an opportunity for new and advanced students of The Urantia Book to

  • Begin to master the content of individual papers
  • Explore resources
  • Apply knowledge
  • Actively engage with the meanings and values of the revelation.

These interactive online courses are free to everyone and can be taken anytime, anywhere, on your desktop or smartphone. 

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Independent study at your own pace

Self-Directed Study Courses, as the name implies, are taken by each student independently. Course content can be accessed at any time and may be completed at any pace. Just click on the course you want and immediately get free access to UUI's online school. You can start right now!

Assignments are designed to motivate, establish accountability, and enrich reflection. Submissions are not reviewed nor are they graded by instructors. However, assignments must be submitted in order to earn a Certificate of Completion (see below).

We invite you to explore as many of the learning units as you like. While a certificate is an option, its achievement is by no means the main goal of the program. Learners are encouraged to pursue independent study in harmony with their own personal spiritual development.

Office Hours with UUI Instructors

While these courses are self-directed, students will not be solitary sojourners. UUI Instructors will host monthly online Office Hours over Zoom in which any student taking a Self-Directed Study course can submit questions about The Urantia Book and participate in live online discussions with UUI instructors and other learners. 

Self-Directed Study Courses of every paper in The Urantia Book, 

including The Foreword, will be released gradually over time.

Take a look at the courses in the table below that have already been rolled out! 

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The intent of undertaking the Self-Directed Study courses is to help you: 

  • Master the content of individual papers. 
  • Identify the major themes of The Urantia Book and understand the placement of each paper in context of the whole revelation. 
  • Engage in confident and informed conversations about The Urantia Book  with others.
  • Possess the tools and resources you need to pursue advanced study of The Urantia Book.
  • Develop the capacity to unite study, worship, and service in a truth-coordinated way of living faithfully. 

Part I

The Central and Superuniverses

Format of the Course:

Each SDS course is divided into four sections:

1. Master content

2. Explore resources

3. Apply knowledge

4. Engage community

Each section is made up of the Learnings Units described below. 

Part II

The Local Universe

1. Master Content


A short summary of the paper’s significance places its content within the larger context of The Urantia Book. In these summaries we aim to answer the questions: Why does this paper appear where it does? And in what ways do the major concepts and themes presented represent advancements in revealed religion?

Highlights from Each Section

An outline of each section’s contents that draws out the major themes and ideas of the paper.

Assigned Reading

To truly master the content of The Urantia Book, one must read each paper in its entirety. The Summary and Highlights are intended as guideposts and should not be used as a substitution for any concerted study of the original text.

Part III

The History of Urantia

2. Explore Resources

Learner Resources

A link to the Learner Resources module that contains additional study materials such as: Online Reference Resources, Video Library, Further Readings, Charts, Visuals, and Handouts.

Definitions of Key Terms

Short definitions of key terms and/or concepts presented in the paper. This unit is intended to be used as a basic, though not comprehensive, glossary and cross-reference guide. 

Learn More and Notes of Interest 

Additional information about key figures, historical events, or concepts mentioned  in the paper, including links to further reading. In addition to creating original resources, we’ve collected study materials from several Urantia websites as well as other relevant sources.

Audio recording of The Urantia Book

If you prefer to listen to an audio recording of the paper, you can access and stream The Urantia Book audiobook, read by Merritt Horn. 

Part IV

The Life and Teachings

of Jesus

3. Apply Knowledge

Reflective Questions

Reflecting on what you have read is the most important part of your study. Reflective questions challenge you to find meaning and value in what you have learned. 

  • Note:   While you do submit your responses online, they are not reviewed or graded by an instructor. These reflective questions are designed primarily for your self-enrichment, not to be graded. UUI Instructors will periodically review submissions and may ask your permission to include your "thought gems" in the Learner Perspective unit (see below). 


Each self-guided study has a quiz made of 5-10 multiple choice, fill in the blank, or matching questions designed to be a fun and interactive way to test your understanding of the basic content of the paper.

Your Summary of the Paper

Summarizing the paper in your own words helps you understand the content on a deeper level. This step will also stimulate intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth, helping you to apply what you’ve learned to your daily life.

Your Favorite Passages

To enhance your understanding we suggest keeping a record of your favorite quotes and writing about what they mean to you in your journal. This will help to inscribe the lessons on your heart and also establish a repository of wisdom that can sustain you when you are spiritually hungry.  A helpful activity is to choose one of your favorite passages and unpack its meaning by breaking down the sentence into its grammatical parts and in your own words state the meaning of each part of the sentence. 

Suggested Meditation

Guided meditation supports spiritual growth through focused and elevated thought. Thematic or quote prompts from The Urantia Book provide a target on which to train the transformative practices of centering prayer and worship. 

Advanced Reflective Question

Courses contain an extra advanced reflective question designed to challenge advanced students. 

4. Engage Community

Got a Question? Office Hours

Submit lingering questions you have about the paper you are studying and come to office hours over Zoom for a discussion with UUI Instructors and other students taking Self-Directed Study courses. Feel free to attend Office Hours even if you don’t have a specific question. It’s a communal learning experience.

Learner Perspectives

The Learner Perspectives page is a place where UUI Instructors will occasionally post insightful reflections submitted by our learners. Content will grow as more and more people take the course. These “thought gems” will reflect the collective spiritual wisdom of the Urantia community. By reading the perspectives of others, you will expand your own understanding of The Urantia Book.

A Tour of The Urantia Book Course

Throughout your study we highly recommend utilizing the Tour of The Urantia Book Course and the Learner Resources module as guides and references. You will have automatic access to these resources.

The Tour of The Urantia Book Course identifies the major themes and explains the structure of the parts of the book in relation to the whole revelation. This design of progressing from the complex and infinite to the simple and finite is recommended as the best method for cultivating spiritual wisdom.  (19:1.5). 

Certificate of Completion 

To earn a Certificate of Completion, you must complete every unit by clicking the Next button at the bottom of each unit (or the Complete and Continue button if you are using the mobile app). Completion is indicated by a green checkmark on your Main Course Page. You can still earn a Certificate of Completion even if you do not complete the Advanced Reflective Questions. 

Note on Urantia University’s Teaching Philosophy

Just as the student’s understanding of The Urantia Book grows, so too does the skill of the teacher evolve. Therefore, UUI’s Self-Directed Study Courses are ever expanding and responsive to the needs of our learning community. It is the position of UUI that there is no one way to study the teachings of The Urantia Book. Our educational approach honors and supports the personal learning experience, while providing guidance and an environment rich in resources.


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