The Urantia Book

Self-Directed Study (SDS) of the Individual Papers

Part 2 of The Urantia Book

Discover the marvelous process of universe formation

       under the divine direction and rulership of a Creative

       Son and Daughter of Paradise-origin  from the

       rudiments of energy-matter to the construction of

       architectural worlds of great splendor and learning,

       populated by celestial beings of highly developed

       spiritual civilizations where we will someday live and


Learn about the wondrous future that awaits us after

       death – the mortal ascension journey of progressive

       spiritual growth and attainment from the mansion

       worlds of our local system through the higher training

       spheres of our local universe and beyond to the

       dazzling worlds of the superuniverse and Havona,

       and all the way to Paradise at the center of creation. 

Find out about the secrets of Earth's most ancient

       history, including the harmful effects of the Lucifer

       Rebellion, and our world's astounding destiny in the

       ages to come of light and life. 

 ~ All this and more in Part 2 oThe Urantia Book.

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