The Great Debate on the Scale of Orvonton

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Saturday, April 24, 2021

11 am PDT/ 12 pm MDT / 1 pm CDT /  2 pm EDT

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Participants who are interested in taking the 7-week online course must attend the Orientation session (or watch a recording of it) prior to being admitted to the course. The orientation session provides you with the opportunity to learn about course requirements and expectations and experience a guided tour of the TalentLMS classroom, so that you can make an informed commitment to the 7-weeks. The course runs from Saturday, May 1- June 12.

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Class Dates:  Saturday, May 1-                                  Saturday, June 12, 2021

Live online class meetings:  

The course will feature a total of 6 online, real-time, class discussions in the Zoom meeting room or the course.

  • Saturday, May 1 
  • Saturday, May 8 
  • Saturday, May 15
  • Saturday, May 22
  • Saturday, May 29 
  • Saturday, June 5
  • Saturday, June 12
Time:  11 am PDT/ 12 pm MDT / 1 pm CDT/   2 pm EDT (6 pm GMT)

        Attendance is not mandatory. The Zoom sessions will be recorded for the benefit of those students who miss the live event. 

        About the Class

        In this seven week course, we will explore many models on the scale of Orvonton. These models have been  postulated over many years of study by Urantia Book students. The final week culminates in each participant presenting their final dissertation summary on the scale of Orvonton. This course is intended for those with intermediate to advanced English  comprehension of Urantia Book cosmology and an active interest in astronomy. Beginners are certainly welcome. We will have one to two hour Zoom meetings each week to discuss our questions and ideas openly with each other. 

        Each participant will be encouraged to develop and criticize their own “universe frame” on the scale of Orvonton. We will practice the presence of God in all our interpersonal relationships.  Courageous and independent cosmic thinking is to be encouraged at the highest moral and ethical capacity achievable. All of our communications will be fragrant with the fruits of the spirit. We all will certainly be wrong to a greater or lesser degree. (115:1.1)  Humility is a virtue.

        The Triad of Verification (origin, history, destiny) will be used to synthesize and evaluate the relative validity of your best model on the scale of Orvonton. You will find harmony comparing epochal revelation with the perusal of early 20th-century astronomy and current astronomic thinking. 


        Each week begins with an introductory video, and ends with a live online class (using Zoom) in which the students and instructor discuss the study material and questions covered during that week. 

          Students can visit the online classroom at their convenience, 24/7, to read, post and have written discussions with their peers and instructor.

          Course Content:

          Week 1: Cosmology and Universe Scale

          The focus will be the comprehension of basic Urantia Book cosmology and an overview of the scale of the universe according to modern astronomy and early 20th-century astronomy.

          Week 2: Milky Way Model of Orvonton

          This model explores the idea that the barred spiral Milky Way galaxy alone is Orvonton.  

          Week 3: Milky Way as a Supergalaxy

          This model proposes that the Milky Way is not a barred spiral galaxy and is vastly larger and mostly hidden behind the zone of avoidance.

          Week 4: Splandon Speculations

          Two models this week speculate that the Milky Way is our major sector Splandon. The first avers that ten major sector galaxies are within the local group or hidden behind the Milky Way undetected due to the zone of avoidance.

          The second model avers that the totality of the local group is our major sector Splandon, and nine other neighboring local groups are major sectors.

          Week 5: The Local Group, Local Sheet, and Local Volume

          Each of these three models postulate that Orvonton is the name given only to the inhabited portion of our superuniverse―the barred spiral Milky Way. The space domain of the seventh segment of our superuniverse is vastly larger and uninhabited awaiting eventual conjoining of all the galaxies within each of these models with inhabited Orvonton (Milky Way) over perhaps billions or even trillions of Urantia years.

          The local group is the entire space domain of the seventh superuniverse. The Local Sheet is the entire space domain of the seventh superuniverse. The local volume is the entire space domain of the seventh superuniverse.

          Week 6: The Virgo Supercluster and Seven Superclusters

          Orvonton is the Virgo supercluster. The Milky Way is our minor sector Ensa.

          Orvonton is seven superclusters. The Milky Way is our minor sector Ensa.

          Week 7: Dissertation Summary Preparation and Presentation

          Review time is enjoyed this week while students compose a dissertation summary on the scale of Orvonton to present at the final Zoom meeting and graduation ceremony.

          One of the goals for any in-depth study

          of The Urantia Book at UUI is for students to experience expanded cosmic consciousness

          and enhanced spiritual perception.

          Course Format 

          Time frame:  7 weeks

          Effort:  Maximum of 3 hours/week

          Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

          Class Format:

          • Instructional videos 
          • Assigned readings from The Urantia Book and other resources
          • Learning exercises (quizzes and reflection questions)
          • Discussion forums in the online classroom
          • Weekly Live Zoom discussions
          Language:  English

          Recommended Background

          This course is intended for intermediate to advanced students of The Urantia Book who are familiar with its theology, philosophy, and conceptual framework. While students of all levels may enjoy the course, some background in astronomy will be beneficial. 

          After I enroll, what happens next?

          1. Upon enrolling in the class you will receive a confirmation email. 
          2. Around one week before the class starts, you will receive a reminder email about the start of class.  
          3. A third email with specific login information for the class will be sent to enrolled students the night before the start date of the class. 

          Instructor: Tom Allen

          Tom Allen is an ardent Urantia Book believer and has been studying this wonderful revelation for 48 years. He has always been interested in astronomy, not as a scientist, but as a philosopher and cosmologist. The amazing revelation about the structure of the grand universe and beyond has been a fascination of his for many years.  His wife Karen and he live in Oklahoma City, have raised four boys, and have a study group at their home every Sunday night. He received a BA in philosophy at Oklahoma State University in 1974 and a Masters in Nursing education in 1985. He is presently an Adjunct Professor at Oklahoma City University teaching clinical nursing. He has recently published the third edition of The Great Debate on the Scale of Orvonton. He also makes available upon email request a pdf harmony between the Urantia Book and The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.


          Can I audit this class? Yes!

          Participants are expected to make an effort to complete the weekly reading and discussion questions and engage in the online webinars as often as possible. 

          Auditors will have access to the online classroom and all course materials, but do not have to attend the live Zoom discussions. 

          Will I get a grade for this class? 

          All grading scales are based on the technique of evaluation on the 7th circuit of Havona. This course of achievement is quantitative, qualitative, and experiential—intellectual, spiritual, and supreme. (26:5.4)

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