The Urantia Book's Revelation on the Mind

Class Dates: Wednesdays

September 8 - October 13, 2021

2:00-3:00 PM Eastern time

1:00 pm CDT/ 12:00 pm MDT/ 11:00 am PDT (6:00 pm GMT)

Participants who are interested in taking the 6-week online course must attend the Orientation session (or watch a recording of it) prior to being admitted to the course. 

If you missed the Orientation Session and wish to register for this course, please contact:

The orientation session provides you with the opportunity to learn about course requirements and expectations and experience a guided tour of the TalentLMS classroom, so that you can make an informed commitment to the 6-week course. 

Class Dates: 

  • Wednesday, September 8 at 2pm Eastern Time
  • Wednesday, September 15 at 2pm Eastern Time
  • Wednesday, September 22 at 2pm Eastern Time
  • Wednesday, September 29 at 2pm Eastern Time
  • Wednesday, October 6 at at 2pm Eastern Time
  • Wednesday, October 13 at 2pm Eastern Time

About the Class

The universe is a creation of mind. Mind is a necessary factor in the planning, creation, and maintenance of the material cosmos. The universe is mind-made and personality managed.

The fact that mankind can know the universe in an intelligible fashion presupposes the reality of divine mind and further reveals the presence of actual personality as a primal foundation for the function of mind. Mind is the vital link connecting matter and spirit. Mind unifies spirit causations with energy reactions. Mind unifies the spirits of divinity with the patterns of energy.

Mortal man is a machine, a living mechanism. His roots are truly in the physical world of energy. Many human reactions are mechanical in nature. Much of life is machinelike. Nevertheless, man as a living mechanism is much more than a machine. He is mind endowed and spirit indwelt.

Though he can never throughout his material life escape the chemical and electrical mechanics of his physical existence, he can increasingly learn how to subordinate this physical-life machine to the directive wisdom of experience by the process of consecrating the human mind to the execution of the spiritual urges of the indwelling presence of the heavenly Father.

It is the purpose of this UUI Course to help you to develop for yourself a practical and working comprehension of your own personal mind. You will discover the triune presence of the spirit of God as these spiritual “tools” are available to determine God’s will in your life and how best to follow this will in your own life. 

  • Learn about The Urantia Book’s revelation on “mind” as it takes primal origin in Deity and as it becomes a functional reality in the human experience.
  • Discover how mind is a necessary factor in the planning, creation, and maintenance of the material cosmos.
  • Learn how the mortal mind is the thinking, perceiving, and feeling system of the human organism that manages and directs the body vehicle, and that “material mind is the arena in which human personalities live, are self-conscious, make decisions, choose God or forsake him, eternalize or destroy themselves.” (111:1:3)
  • Participants will gain an understanding of the manifold tools of the intellect and gifts of the spirit that have been provided for us to work within our mind arena of choice. We will understand how these subtle and interactive influences allow us as personal children of our freewill Paradise Father to make our personal choices in life and to enact our personal attitudes in decisive acts of conduct.


Each week begins with an introductory video, and ends with a live online class (using Zoom) in which the students and instructor discuss the study material and questions covered during that week. 

    Students can visit the online classroom at their convenience, 24/7, to read, post and have written discussions with their peers and instructor.

    The course is divided into 3 two-week parts:


    1. Mind Gravity, Levels of Mind

    2. The Seven Master Spirits and Cosmic Mind


    3. Organism and Mechanism, Material (Pre-adjutant) Mind, Adjutant Mind

    4. Unity of Mind, the Holy Spirit and Adjuster Bestowal, the Spirit of Truth


    5. Embryonic Soul, Morontia (Soul) Mind

    6. The Nature and Consequences of Free-Will Choice 

      Zoom online class meetings:  

      The course will feature a total of 6 online, real-time, class discussions in the Zoom meeting room or the course.

      • Wednesday, September 8 at 2pm Eastern Time
      • Wednesday, September 15 at 2pm Eastern Time
      • Wednesday, September 22 at 2pm Eastern Time
      • Wednesday, September 29 at 2pm Eastern Time
      • Wednesday, October 6 at at 2pm Eastern Time
      • Wednesday, October 13 at 2pm Eastern Time

        Attendance is not mandatory. The Zoom sessions will be recorded for the benefit of those students who miss the live event. 


        Course Format 

        Time frame:  6 weeks

        Effort:  Minimum of 2-3 hours/week

        Level:  Intermediate

        Class Format:

        • Instructional videos 
        • Assigned readings from The Urantia Book
        • Learning exercises (quizzes and reflection questions)
        • Discussion forums in the online classroom
        • Weekly Live Zoom discussions
          Language:  English

          Participant and Auditor Options:

          Students may enroll in the course as either an Active Participant or as an Auditor.  You will be given this option in the Registration form.

          An Active Participant is someone who intends to engage in most or all of the 6 weekly online classes. In the event they are unable to attend the live class, they agree to watch a video recording of the missed class in order to keep current with the learning process. 

          An Auditor is someone who has opted not to attend the live weekly classes, but who would like access to the online classroom and study materials. Auditors will receive a private link to the video recordings of each weekly class.

          Recommended Background

          This course is intended for intermediate to advanced students of The Urantia Book who are familiar with its theology, philosophy, and conceptual framework. 

          This course is recommended to anyone desiring a functional understanding of the finite mortal mind as it strives for ever-evolving God-awareness.


          After I enroll, what happens next?

          1. Upon enrolling in the class you will receive a confirmation email. 
          2. Around one week before the class starts, you will receive a reminder email about the start of class.  
          3. A third email with specific login information for the class will be sent to enrolled students the night before the start date of the class. 

          Will I get a grade for this class? 

          At this time, no grades are given for completing UUI classes. This class has been designed chiefly for personal enrichment.

          Instructor: Stuart Kerr

          Stuart has been reading The Urantia Book since 1974. He was a past president of the Connecticut Fellowship Society and a secretary for the Urantia Society of Greater New York (USGNY). He is a current member of the USGNY “Translation Oversight Committee.  Over the past 30 years, he has led over a dozen workshops at various Urantia Book conferences.

          Stuart is the author of “God, Man, and Supreme – Origin and Destiny” and “Parallels – Topical Comparisons of Quotes from the Holy Bible, Ernest Shurtleff Holmes, Eckhart Tolle, Rumi, and Paramahansa Yogananda with The Urantia Book”.  He was also on the editorial team for the newly published book, “The Untold Story of Jesus – A Modern Biography from The Urantia Book.  

          Stuart is currently retired and living in Greensboro, NC. He leaves a professional career as industrial chemist for such corporations as General Electric, Arco Chemical, and Rhone Poulenc with a total accumulation of 14 US Patents. His special fields of expertise lay in the application of Radiation Polymerization and Silicone technologies. Stuart has been playing classical guitar for over 50 years. 

          One of the goals for any in-depth study of The Urantia Book at UUI is for students to experience expanded cosmic consciousness and enhanced spiritual perception.

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